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Distribution Solutions

Crossroad Parcel Announces Partnership With Growth Natives and NetworkON to Streamline Distribution Solutions

April 13, 2022, Buffalo, NY, USA: Crossroad Parcel, a leading consultancy that offers a wide range of services and output to help guide you through the complexities of “Everything Parcel”, announced today that it has partnered with Growth Natives and NetworkON to design and support the implementation of integrated technology solutions to support best-in-class eCommerce […]

  • sangeetha
  • April 13 , 2022
Proof Of Delivery

What is Proof of Delivery? Why is it Important for Your Delivery Business?

Proof of delivery is an extension to offer a seamless delivery experience to the customers. The last-mile leg is considered the anchor of the complete fulfillment cycle. Therefore, brands concerned with optimizing their supply chain with streamlined final-mile operations are happily embracing proof of delivery as an integral part of their operations.  Before we move […]

  • sangeetha
  • March 28 , 2022
First Delivery Attempt Matters

Why Your First Delivery Attempt Matters and How to Raise First Attempt Rates

Getting complete control of last-mile deliveries is one of the most daunting tasks for businesses today. Yet, while many choose to remain harmoniously ignorant to this fact, mastery of last-mile delivery can make or break a brand.  One of the biggest reasons why first delivery attempts matter is that it directly impacts the profitability of […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • February 10 , 2022
Real-time tracking

Importance of Real-time tracking for your Delivery Business

Is your customer support team overwhelmed with constant emails and calls from customers enquiring about their order status?  In this customer-centric era, ensuring on-time delivery with visibility is key to enhanced customer experiences. 97% of customers want to track orders and receive communication throughout the shipping process.  Hence, staying connected with customers is key to […]

  • Akshay Singh
  • October 14 , 2021

How Geofencing Helps In Last-Mile Delivery Optimization

The growth of smartphone users across the globe has empowered delivery businesses to take full advantage of mobile technology and harness the power of location-based deliveries. With customer expectations in the delivery sector growing, more businesses are looking towards GPS-based solutions to push their fleet capabilities and reduce anomalies. One such concept is geofencing, which […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • October 05 , 2021
Data Analytics

Top Ways in Which Data Analytics Is Transforming Delivery Management Business

Data analytics is transforming every aspect of business across different industries, and a delivery management business is no exception. The dynamic nature of the supply chain business makes logistics the perfect use case for data.  A delivery management business consists of an intricate structure, and you can obtain valuable insights by leveraging data scattered across […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • September 17 , 2021

How Route Optimization Reduces Cost, Increases ROI, and Builds Brand Loyalty

If you run a business that manages a fleet of any kind, the rising cost of transportation most likely has a significant impact on your bottom line.  Post-COVID, the economies have shrunk and the company budgets have become tighter than ever. Success in the fleet management industry isn’t about increasing the number of orders fulfilled […]

  • sangeetha
  • April 23 , 2021