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Courier in red shirt using a pickup and delivery software app on his phone while unloading boxes from a car.

Master Pickup and Delivery with Top-tier Software App & Transform Your Logistics

In logistics, time is the currency of success, and efficiency is the hallmark of every thriving delivery business. Introducing a software app for Pickup and Delivery Management defines a new era for logistics operations, offering a sophisticated digital solution designed to streamline the entire process, from dispatching couriers to tracking parcels and ensuring timely delivery. […]

  • Akhil Yadav
  • June 18 , 2024
Check Out the Most Profitable Pickup and Delivery Models for 2023

Check Out the Most Profitable Pickup and Delivery Models for 2023

Amid the ongoing economic uncertainty, we have witnessed some significant paradigm shifts in the pickup and delivery models across various industries. Pickup and delivery of food items, large and bulky goods, groceries, luxury goods, trucking, and F&B sectors were prominent areas where the delivery services improved dramatically.  As a result, business owners realized that if […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • December 20 , 2022
Why is Route Planning important for courier business

Why is Route Planning Important for Courier Business?

The advancement of technology has given an exceptional boost to eCommerce. Every day, an increasing number of people turn to online stores to purchase everything from gadgets to groceries.  The global e-commerce logistics industry is expected to become a 2,734.6 billion US dollar market by 2032. The success of eCommerce depends immensely on the delivery […]

  • Karamjit
  • September 20 , 2022
Laundry Business

How to Start an On-Demand Laundry Business: A Complete Guide

With offices and schools opening up, there is an increasing demand for dry cleaning and laundry services. And with their busy schedules, people prefer to have laundry businesses pick up and deliver their laundry.  Moreover,  after COVID-19, customers expect laundry businesses to follow proper protocols while taking care of their laundry.  So, if you are […]

  • Vishal Mehta
  • July 08 , 2022
Alcohol Delivery Business

Startup Guide: How to Start an Alcohol Delivery Business?

The whole alcohol market was valued at more than $1,438 billion in 2017 and it is anticipated to expand to $1,684 billion by 2025.   And have you ever thought of starting your own alcohol delivery business? If this thought ever crossed your mind then this startup guide is going to be a gold mine for […]

  • Karamjit
  • July 06 , 2022
This Image represents a flower delivery operations

How to Streamline Your Gifts and Flower Delivery Operations?

The world of e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace. With the advent of social media and online shopping, the demand for online delivery of gifts and flowers is also increasing. Most of us want to send flowers and gifts to our loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or just because. We can […]

  • sangeetha
  • April 21 , 2022
Laundry Delivery app

Essential Features of On-demand Laundry Delivery App

With the rise in the on-demand business model, it is no surprise that laundry businesses are also jumping on the on-demand bandwagon to attract and retain customers.  So, if you want to take your laundry business to the next level, now is the best time to invest in an on-demand laundry delivery app. However, with […]

  • sangeetha
  • March 25 , 2022
Flower Delivery Business

A Short Guide To Start An Online Flower Delivery Business in 2022

“Flowers don’t tell; they show.” -Stephanie Skeem Rom-coms have swooned people over with grand gestures like proposals at the Eiffel Tower or simple ones like sending flowers to their partners.  And, today the online flower business is a multi-million dollar industry. North America’s cut flower market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% […]

  • sangeetha
  • January 19 , 2022
Furniture Delivery

Top 5 Challenges and Solutions for Furniture Delivery Business

Furniture delivery business is a lucrative and challenging business. No surprise there. Transporting large pieces of furniture without scuffing them is taxing. And, it becomes an even tougher nut to crack once you are trying to deliver multiple orders to different locations.  Furniture retailers are promptly on the on-demand delivery bandwagon, but it has become […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • January 10 , 2022