How to Streamline Your Gifts and Flowers Delivery Operations?

How to Streamline Your Gifts and Flower Delivery Operations?

Published on: April 21 , 2022 Updated on: June 1, 2022 Reading Icon 6 min read

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    The world of e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace. With the advent of social media and online shopping, the demand for online delivery of gifts and flowers is also increasing. Most of us want to send flowers and gifts to our loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or just because.

    We can also use them as an excuse to surprise our friends and family members by sending them flowers or cakes on their birthdays.

    The demand for online flower delivery services has boomed substantially due to the convenience it offers customers in sending gifts and flowers online. However, it does come with its share of challenges when it comes to business operations.

    Some of the top challenges faced by online gifts and flowers businesses are:

    • Manual assignment of orders to delivery agents 
    • Increased delivery time due to unoptimized routes 
    • Inefficient fleet utilization due to poor resource planning especially during peak season (Valentines’ day or Mother’s Day)
    • Poor communication among stakeholders 

    So, how can you optimize delivery operations while meeting customer expectations?
    With delivery management software.

    A delivery management software simplifies delivery operations with the power of automation.  Let us take a look at the top 5 features of a delivery management software that will streamline your online gifts and flowers delivery operations. 

    How Can Delivery Management Software Streamline Gifts and Flower Operations?

    1. Route Optimization

    First things first, you need to optimize your routes to be efficient.

    Yes, you can use Google Maps to navigate from one place to another. However, it does not include factors such as pick-up and delivery slots, drivers’ schedules and breaks, and traffic conditions.

    Route optimization technology calculates multiple factors, plans routes dynamically, and provides optimized routes. Optimizing your routes will allow you to deliver more orders on time while reducing fuel costs at the same time.

    Route optimization dashboard

    Route optimization reduces your carbon footprint. For example, if two locations are close together, one is busy, and one isn’t.

    The company will route all of its deliveries to the busy location instead of splitting them between both locations. This allows drivers to deliver more orders in less time because it cuts down on dead weight from driving around with empty trucks.

    2. Geofencing

    Geofencing on map

    Geofencing helps you manage your delivery teams efficiently. You can create delivery teams for multiple geographic locations. 

    Geofencing helps in managing fleet and route scheduling through GPS-based perimeters. The received information from each trigger is matched with the delivery agent’s assigned route details to monitor any delays, stoppages, emergencies, or unexplained behavior.

    In addition, it reduces driver idle time and increases on-time deliveries. 

    3. GPS Tracking

    GPS tracking helps you monitor and track your delivery agents in real-time. You can also include GPS tracking devices on delivery vehicles to help agents in case of accidents. 

    For example, if there is a delivery problem, you will be notified immediately, can track agents, and send assistance. It also notifies customers. This helps eliminate the need for customers to call customer service to find out where their package is.

    GPS tracking technology allows companies to track all types of assets (including shipments) in real-time to know where their assets are at all times. This type of technology has many benefits, including:

    • Improved efficiency
    • Reduced costs
    • Better customer service

    4. Fleet Visibility Management 

    Fleet visibility dashboard

    The gift and flower delivery industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Customers have become more comfortable buying gifts and flowers online, often at a lower price than they would pay offline.

    To compete with e-commerce, offline businesses need to be able to offer their customers a similar experience at a comparable price. Achieving this requires an efficient fleet management system that can provide visibility into all aspects of fleet operations.

    A delivery management software with a fleet visibility management feature helps you track your delivery agents in real-time.  In addition, it shows you whether there are any delays or problems with your drivers or vehicles, which can help you optimize fleet operations and measure performance. 

    5. Driver Management 

    Driver management is an essential part of any logistics operations. The next step after getting them registered with a GPS tracking system is to make sure that they follow specific rules and regulations while driving, such as obeying speed limits, using seat belts, etc., which will keep them safe and reduce their fuel consumption.

    You can also set up driving alerts for drivers who have reached their daily limit of distance or time spent on the road, and this will help you monitor your driver’s performance.

    The best way to avoid accidents is by providing training to all your employees, especially those who drive for you daily. Training keeps your employees safe and helps them be more productive and efficient in their jobs.

    Driver management can be done in many ways: sending them text messages to remind them about things like traffic conditions and providing online training courses on how to best manage their fleet.

    You can also send them tips on safe driving techniques through email or SMS alerts to always be aware of what they need to do when behind the wheel.

    Invest in an AI-Powered Delivery Management Software

    A delivery management software can help you streamline your gift and flower delivery operations. This is a system that has been designed to track the movement of goods so that you can better monitor them in real-time.

    #Improved Operations: 

    You can manage your entire operation from a centralized dashboard. It will enable you to monitor the status of each order on a real-time basis and present actionable insights that will empower you to improve performance across all areas of your business.

    #Improved Customer Satisfaction:

    Personalize every aspect of your delivery process, from customer engagement to delivery. This helps create a positive brand experience for your customers, increasing their satisfaction levels and making them more likely to return for future purchases.

    #Reduced Costs: 

    Delivery management software for your online gifts and flowers business reduces costs by providing insights into all aspects of your business, including purchasing, inventory management, demand forecasting, and more. This allows companies to make better decisions regarding their supply chain logistics, thus reducing costs while improving efficiency. 

    #Automation of processes:

    Delivery management software automates recurring tasks. This frees your staff members to focus on other important matters, like customer service or offering new products. 

    #Increased visibility into operations:

    You’ll have access to up-to-date information about delivery operations. This reduces the likelihood of errors, improves efficiency, and allows for better decision-making for managers and owners alike.

    Final Words 

    NetworkON is an AI-driven delivery management solution. We help retailers, B2B businesses, and eCommerce companies manage their delivery workforce more effectively. We are disrupting the traditional way of managing a delivery workforce using data analytics, automation, and AI. 
    Talk to our experts today to learn how NetworkON can scale your online gifts and flowers business or you could simply start your free trial now.

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