FAQ | NetworkON a Delivery Management Software


Yes. NetworkON offers a free 14-day trial period. You can sign up here, and one of our representatives will help you set up the account. You will have complete access to explore the platform features.

NetworkON offers a monthly and annual subscription plan. You can check the detailed pricing plan here.

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. However, you will be charged for the selected plan from the following month.

No. There is no cancellation fee. You can cancel your subscription at any time of the subscription period.


To Whitelabel(rebrand) the platform, you can contact us here. One of our sales representatives will walk you through the pricing.

Yes. NetworkON can integrate with any third-party platform with our open APIs. You can check our open APIs for more information.

Yes. NetworkON is flexible with customizations. We can include minor customizations on the SaaS platform. If required, we can set up the platform on a separate instance.

You can create custom analytics reports on the NetworkON platform as per your business requirements.


Yes. You can configure your dashboard in any language. You can choose a language from the default list. You can also add language from the language manager. You can refer to our product guide on how to set up your preferred language.

Yes. You can operate the NetworkON platform in different time zones.

Yes. You can set up roles with different permissions for your supervisors and managers. You can refer to our product guide on how to set permissions.

You can create a job/tasks by following methods:

  • Create a job on the dashboard
  • Bulk import jobs/tasks via CSV, .xls, etc
  • Third-party integrations via APIs
  • Provide your customers with a whitelabeled (rebranded) customer app.
Refer to our product guide on how to create jobs in detail.


NetworkON offers an intuitive and user-friendly customer app. Your customers can place orders, track their orders, communicate with your delivery agents and your customer support, view their order history, and make payments.

Sign up here to know more about NetworkON.

Yes. NetworkON generates a live tracking link after an order/job/task is placed/created. You can share this tracking link to the customers’ registered SMS or email.

Refer to our guide to know how you can customize your customer notifications.

No. Your customers can not edit or reschedule their orders. However, they can contact your admin or customer support team via support to request changes to the order.

Yes.You can configure the booking template with the option for customers to leave a tip while placing the order.

Refer to our product guide to know how you can configure your booking templates.

Yes. Your customers can leave a review and rate your delivery agents’ performance on completion of the order.

Delivery Agents

If you are using the SaaS platform, you will have to onboard agents. If you have whitelabeled (rebranded) the NetworkON agent app, your delivery agents can self sign-up.

Refer to the product guide to know more about the agent onboarding process.

NetworkON Agent App can be used on both iOS (iOS version 11.0 and above) and Android (Android 4.4(Kitkat) and above & RAM 1 gb) devices.

Yes. Your agents can mark themselves On Duty on the NetworkON Agent App.

Yes. Delivery agents can easily navigate to the pick up and delivery locations with ease. When the delivery agents click on Navigate on the job details, the app redirects to Google Navigation.

Yes. The agents can add proof of delivery on the NetworkON Agent App on completion of the job.


Here are our tech stack details:

  • Back End: Node JS 14.16 + MongoDB 4.4 + MySQL 8
  • Android: Native Java 8, Kotlin
  • iOS: Swift 5.0
  • Front End: ReactJS

You can generate your API key from the 'API Key' section in Settings.