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Manage deliveries for multiple stores through a simplified grocery delivery application

Food & Bevarages

Restaurant and Beverages

Ensure on-time delivery during peak hours hassle-free

Pickup & Delivery

Pickup & Drop

Increase delivery efficiency with an automated delivery management platform

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Optimize assignment, tracking and fulfillment of service and maintenance requests from customers.

CPG & Retail

CPG & Retail

Optimize last-mile retail fulfillment and reduce operational costs



Get complete visibility of the orders throughout the order lifecycle


Heavy and Bulky Goods

Transport high-value products seamlessly using groundbreaking technology



Streamline courier delivery operations efficiently in a centralized platform


White Glove

Gain complete visibility of your orders and resources in a centralized dashboard.

Customization Services

    Customization Services:
  • Custom reporting

    Custom reporting

  • Driver scheduling

    Driver scheduling

  • Recipient import

    Recipient import

    Custom Integrations:
  • Task creation

    Task creation

  • Analytics


  • Inventory tracking/management

    Inventory tracking/management

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May 23 , 2024

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Today where customer satisfaction hinges on speed and reliability, the last leg of delivery emerges as a critical factor in the e-commerce symphony. Customers anticipate not just products but prompt arrivals and seamless service experiences.  Understanding these expectations is not merely about meeting them but excelling beyond them – a reality that positions timely delivery […]

May 23 , 2024