Large and Bulky Goods Delivery Software

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Why Choose NetworkON?

NetworkON enables your dispatch teams to offer on-time deliveries with features like unified job creation for warehouse staff and delivery partners, auto-assignment, route optimization, and seamless communication.



Improvement in capacity management



Decrease in overall delivery time

service revenue


Higher Revenue Generation For Business

Top Large and Bulky Goods Delivery Management Software Features

NetworkON easily connects, automates, and integrates technology, staff, and bulky goods delivery business owners.

Stay Connected

Connect all stakeholders of your large and bulky goods delivery business with the NetworkON admin dashboard, agent app, and customer app.

Get a 360-degree view of delivery operations on a single dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Increase drivers’ efficiency with a user-friendly delivery driver app.

Agent App

Allow customers to place orders, track orders, make payments and view order history.

Customer App

Create customers orders with ease through booking forms. Shared customized URL for customers to place orders.

Booking Form

Admin Dashboard
Agent App
Customer App
Booking Form

Facilitate Automation

Automate large and bulky delivery operations and focus on earning higher revenue by delivering delightful customer experiences.

Assign orders to nearest available agents to ensure on-time deliveries.


Automate recurring tasks to eliminate manual inefficiencies.

Recurring Tasks

Send real-time updates to customers vis push notifications, SMS or the email


Recurring Tasks

Capacity Management

Ship maximum orders in the right vehicle, reduce delivery costs with optimum space utilization, and get accurate data analytics for every trip made.

Increase operational efficiency with optimized routes with the AI-powered route planning software.

Route Optimization

Optimize delivery operations at scale with advanced analytics.


Allow drivers to collect proof of delivery by collecting images,notes and signature or scanning barcodes on the Agent App.

Proof of Delivery

Communicate with agents and customers on the go with ease.


Create sustainable and efficient returns process to manage missed/failed deliveries.

Reverse Logistics

Create custom roles with specific access for your team members.

Role Manager

Customize pricing and earning rules based on your business model

Price & earning

Route Optimization
Proof of Delivery
Reverse Logistics
Role Manager
Price & earning

Integrate NetworkON with third-party tools to create the perfect ecosystem for you large and bulky goods delivery business

NetworkON marketplace enables you to seamlessly Integrate the apps you need to create a delightful delivery experience .

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This app helps to craft a customer journey
This icon represents a site which helps to track our deliveries
This icon represents an online accounting software for our business

Integrate NetworkON into your bulky goods delivery business to automate and optimize all aspects of your delivery operations today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Choose a delivery management software that offers a centralized dashboard and a user-friendly agent app that seamlessly connects all stakeholders and orchestrates deliveries. NetworkON is a powerful delivery management solution for heavy goods that solves complex delivery challenges while enhancing customer and employee experiences.

The key features of heavy goods delivery management software are:

  • Order bulk import
  • Real-time tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Communication
  • Capacity Management
  • Analytics
  • Role manager
  • Proof of Delivery

Some of the top KPIs NetworkON tracks are:

  • First-time delivery rate
  • Route analytics
  • Time to complete order
  • Number of successful deliveries
  • Driver performance analytics

Yes. You can send tracking links to your customers via message or email. You can also set specific triggers to send real-time information about the order status, ETA, and driver details.