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A healthcare professional wearing blue gloves writes on a clipboard with stacks of cardboard boxes labeled "medical logistics" in the background.

Medical Logistics: Optimizing Healthcare Delivery

In healthcare, the significance of supply chain management cannot be overstated. It is the backbone that ensures the seamlessness of medical services. From the meticulous orchestration of sourcing materials to the precise delivery of final products to patients, medical logistics forms the crucial link, ensuring that healthcare systems operate efficiently and effectively. With lives at […]

  • Akhil Yadav
  • April 29 , 2024
Future of e-pharmacies

Future of E-Pharmacies With an Insight Into Technological Innovations in the Sector

The pharmaceutical industry was on the verge of acknowledging the longstanding industry concerns when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. They were at the crossroads of embracing innovation in their business model and sticking to their roots. However, the pandemic amplified their concerns. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry finally had to embrace the pandemic-induced change, which […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • August 01 , 2022