Importance of Real-time tracking for your Delivery Business

Importance of Real-time tracking for your Delivery Business

Real-time tracking

Is your customer support team overwhelmed with constant emails and calls from customers enquiring about their order status?

 In this customer-centric era, ensuring on-time delivery with visibility is key to enhanced customer experiences. 97% of customers want to track orders and receive communication throughout the shipping process. 

Hence, staying connected with customers is key to success in today’s highly competitive market. Failing to do so will lead to losing customers to competitors.

To understand the significance of real-time tracking, let’s discuss the main challenges for the customers and the business owners without an effective tracking solution.

Challenges in Delivery Businesses Due to Lack of Tracking

#For the Customer: 

Without live tracking, customers can’t get any visibility into the entire supply chain process. 

Traditional delivery businesses only provide long tracking numbers that may take up to several days to become active. The method also fails to show the shipment’s exact location and only provides a tentative delivery date that is often inaccurate. 

As a result, customers feel frustrated, and it impacts brand loyalty. 

#For the Business Owner: 

Without a live tracking capability, businesses also struggle to get comprehensive visibility with a lack of supply chain planning, integration, and execution of processes. 

In addition, it leads to inefficiencies in managing fleets, which leads to time and resource wastage, resulting in lower ROI and business growth. 

Benefits of real-time tracking in Delivery Business

For a logistics or fleet management company, every process from packaging to delivery requires efficient allocation and management of resources. 

Real-time tracking contributes to the efficiency and effective resource utilization of your business in the following ways:

1. Increases Productivity

Live fleet tracking enables easy identification of key problem points that exist within a supply chain. It also helps you maintain mileage logs, job arrival or departure logs accurately without relying on drivers. 

It helps you monitor which drivers are not performing optimally or making false time claims by clocking inaccurate times. 

2. Improves Customer Satisfaction

Real-time tracking systems increase customer satisfaction levels, response times, and productivity.

On average, there is a 42% decrease in safety incidents due to GPS-based fleet tracking, and companies that implement fleet tracking systems see a 54% improvement in customer satisfaction levels. 

3. Reduces Fuel Costs

Fuel and labor costs contribute to high operating expenses for a fleet business. With real-time tracking, you can manage these expenses efficiently by reducing idle time, and getting real-time alerts on vehicle status. 

Fleet tracking also monitors the speed of the vehicles that allows you to identify any driver going over the speed limit or making too many stops contributing to more fuel consumption. 

4. Reduces Unauthorized Use and Aids in Theft Recovery

Fleet tracking systems automatically raise an alert when a vehicle is driven outside of working hours or into restricted areas.

It helps business owners track their vehicles round the clock and aid the authorities in theft recovery by accurately locating a vehicle. 

5. Optimizes routing

The real-time fleet tracking software uses route optimization to eliminate time-consuming manual route planning. Also, it saves costs by helping dispatchers find the shortest distance to a location, taking into consideration variables such as road closures, traffic bottlenecks, weather conditions, and more.

It also helps you minimize the number of vehicles on the road and complete deliveries by optimizing the loading rate.

NetworkON Advantage

NetworkON offers delivery and dispatch solutions with GPS-based fleet tracking that optimizes customer experiences. The platform helps businesses have end-to-end visibility of their delivery tasks, reduce operational costs, and enhance efficiency.

Plus, with accurate scheduling, efficient utilization of resources, and the capability to manage every process from a single dashboard, you get an all-inclusive fleet tracking solution. 

Here are the distinct advantages of our platform that sets us a notch-above above the rest: 

  • Live tracking: Receive updates both in the dedicated app or use a link to track the status from any web browser.
  • Order status: Get real-time order status alerts both in-app or via SMS/email.
  • Rebranding tracking interfaces: Customize your tracking link, SMS, and email.
  • Frequency of tracking updates: Control the number of tracking updates you send per hour/day/week and reduce Google map costs. 

Connect now to discover more about the NetworkON platform and how you can use it to boost your delivery business at our website or


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