Crossroad Parcel Announces Partnership With Growth Natives and NetworkON to Streamline Distribution Solutions

Crossroad Parcel Announces Partnership With Growth Natives and NetworkON to Streamline Distribution Solutions

Distribution Solutions

April 13, 2022, Buffalo, NY, USA: Crossroad Parcel, a leading consultancy that offers a wide range of services and output to help guide you through the complexities of “Everything Parcel”, announced today that it has partnered with Growth Natives and NetworkON to design and support the implementation of integrated technology solutions to support best-in-class eCommerce logistics initiatives.

Since the continued unabated growth of eCommerce and the challenges of implementing the correct logistics solutions can be a barrier to success for online merchants to overcome. Therefore, this partnership is expected to make delivery processes smoother and more streamlined for eCommerce vendors. 

“This partnership with Crossroads Parcel is an important milestone for Growth Natives’ and NetworkON’s strategic growth and market positioning. The addition of a team that is a one-stop-shop for ‘everything parcel’ will enhance our ability to serve our clients and expand our customer footprint in eCommerce, logistics & distribution, and last-mile delivery,” says Taran Nandha, CEO/Founder of Growth Natives. 

About Crossroads Parcel

Crossroad Parcel develops a one-stop-shop for shippers and eCommerce firms to help them with “Everything Parcel”. We help evaluate and develop strategic value propositions concerning goals and objectives while conducting in-depth research analysis.

About Growth Natives

Growth Natives is a marketing and customer engagement agency that specializes in mobile app development, CRM and lead generation services. We combine state-of-the-art technology and creative expertise to help our customers adapt to shifts in customer behaviour, technology, and business. Our founding team has great experience in working with global B2B and B2C brands and building marketing automation solutions for leading brands.

About NetworkON

NetworkON is a leading AI-powered Software for accelerating the digital transformation of Services and Deliveries Management operations. The proven platform provides a comprehensive suite of applications to solve delivery challenges more efficiently and cost-effectively than alternative approaches. The NetworkON platform works across industries and company sizes with prebuilt, configurable, applications that connect, automate and orchestrates supply chain technology, people and service providers.


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