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This Image represents a man setting up his pool cleaning business
Setting up Online Pool Cleaning Service Business? Here Is What You Need to Know

Pool cleaning service business is one of the most lucrative ventures to take on out there. Many people prefer to be in this trade because of the places they travel to and the way they use their skills to make pools ready for the upcoming season.  Getting a spotless pool with a sparkling bottom is […]

June 22 , 2021

food ordering system - on Demand Food delivery marketplace
Must-Have Features Of a Food Ordering and Delivery System

On-demand food ordering apps have taken the world by storm and are among the most popular apps used by people across the globe. Any restaurant can increase its revenue by at least 20% if it used an on-demand delivery platform. Whether it is the customer side of an app or the delivery agent interface, the […]

June 16 , 2021

On Demand delivery business
Best Online Business Ideas: Start an On-Demand Delivery Business in 2021-22

On-demand delivery business apps have been around for over a decade now but it is during the pandemic that they have reached a popular milestone. We have seen more new online business ideas popping up in the past year than ever before and this is saying something.  The contagion has forced our hand towards using […]

June 11 , 2021

On Demand Delivery App - Delivery management software
Top Ways to Get Most Out of your On-Demand Delivery App

For over a decade, the on-demand economy has been gaining prominence among customers across the globe. The concept was popularized by Uber, DoorDash, Zomato, and many others. It is currently one of the most widely used business models, disrupting businesses and redefining customer experiences across a number of industries. Also, with the spread of Covid-19, the […]

June 03 , 2021

What is the Cost of Developing an Uber-Like App in 2024

Uber has been a revolutionary app–inspiring startup owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to join the billion-dollar taxi bandwagon and other businesses that have last-mile delivery challenges.   The app was launched by Travis Kalanic and Garrett Camp in 2009, and they must have never imagined the gargantuan success they have achieved over the last few years. As […]

June 03 , 2021

This Image represents a girl is ordering online groceries in pandemic
What is the Cost of Developing a Food Delivery App in 2024

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the food delivery market has surpassed $25 billion in the US alone. With online food deliveries becoming a routine, food delivery platforms across the globe are engaged in a battle to gain a larger market share. The rise of online food apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Swiggy has […]

June 03 , 2021

on demand logistic - Transform the delivery experience
How On-Demand Logistics Transform the Delivery Experience

Over the last few years, on-demand logistics have emerged as the game-changer, offering significant advantages over traditional on-demand logistics services, including lower operational costs and a greener footprint. With the advent of on-demand logistics, the entire industry is facing disruption. As people are already accustomed to the convenience and ease through cabs on demand, ridesharing […]

June 03 , 2021

Top 4 Things to Include in Fleet Management Software Before Going Live

Transportation and logistics have a rather peculiar trait. You have data of hundreds of staff & customers and all of it needs to be taken care of in real-time. In short, even a small error can cause several issues. Here, going slow might make you look like an underdog while moving too fast might put […]

May 17 , 2021

5 Crucial Steps to Building an Online Grocery Delivery Software That Works

Time is money and it is absolutely crucial in this day and age to utilize every second we have optimally. Thanks to the global pandemic, we have seen thousands of people queued outside super markets only to be admitted inside with more time restrictions. Why? Because there are not many online grocery systems around.  While […]

May 02 , 2021