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Top Metrics to Drive Customer Experience for Your Cannabis Business
Top Metrics to Drive Customer Experience for Your Cannabis Business

With the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana gaining popularity across many countries, this new acceptance has skyrocketed the global marijuana business, which is expected to cross the $90.4 billion mark by 2026. North America alone is responsible for 80% of the market share out of the entire global market. So it’s a […]

September 27 , 2021

Data Analytics
Top Ways in Which Data Analytics Is Transforming Delivery Management Business

Data analytics is transforming every aspect of business across different industries, and a delivery management business is no exception. The dynamic nature of the supply chain business makes logistics the perfect use case for data.  A delivery management business consists of an intricate structure, and you can obtain valuable insights by leveraging data scattered across […]

September 17 , 2021

Future of Cannabis Delivery
Future of Cannabis Delivery Business

The world’s most cultivated, trafficked, and consumed drug is marijuana. As the drive for its legalization in the US and across the world grows, it’s gaining significant attention from investors, manufacturers, and researchers alike.  It’s even considered as the next big thing in the delivery business by many industry experts. Don’t trust us?  Here are […]

September 07 , 2021

How Can You Improve the Turn-Around Time for Deliveries?
Why Should Businesses Focus on Reducing Their Turn-Around Time for Deliveries?

The author of the bestselling help book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, once said, “There is always room for those who can be relied upon to deliver the goods when they say they will.” This statement has never been more true than it is today. Whether it is food delivery or grocery shopping, every […]

September 06 , 2021

Pharmacy Delivery Software
Building a Robust Pharma Delivery Application to Ensure Smooth Delivery of Medicines: All You Need to Know

Tap a few times on your phone screens and you can order food. Tap some more and you can get a cab at your doorstep. You can even get on-demand home cleaning services or order pharma delivery from your phone and it is the new way of life for us all. On-demand services have made […]

August 27 , 2021

Flower Delivery App
Cake and Flower Delivery App: Features, Cost and Trends

Flowers have always been a great way to show affection. So it has been an old trend to send bouquets and gifts on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days to remember.  As mobile apps have been making our life convenient, there’s an excellent opportunity for on-demand flower and cake delivery apps to […]

August 25 , 2021

Top__Techniques_to_Reduce_Last-Mile_Delivery_Costs! (1)
Top Techniques to Reduce Last-Mile Delivery Costs!

Are your last-mile delivery costs on the rise all the time? It’s unsurprising if you have scaled up in the past few years. While the eCommerce sector has grown substantially during the pandemic, the sudden rush of orders is not the only reason behind increasing last-mile delivery costs.  Changing consumer behavior is another factor behind […]

August 16 , 2021

Must-Have Features of aCannabis Delivery Business
Must-Have Features of a Cannabis Delivery Business

Even after half of the US has legalized the use of medical cannabis, you might often come across a few cross glares when talking about starting a cannabis delivery business. It is not just considered a social taboo, but even investors and entrepreneurs lack confidence in the relatively new industry.  Despite the reservations, the cannabis […]

August 09 , 2021

Last-Mile Delivery Business
How Route Optimization Can Help Your Last-Mile Delivery Business Scale

Optimizing last-mile delivery operations is pivotal for any small or large-scale fleet management company to ensure profitability and sustainable business growth. Last-mile refers to delivering an item from the local distribution point to the end customer’s location.  But it is a highly challenging aspect, let’s discover why: The Need Of The Hour: Route Optimization Even […]

July 29 , 2021