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Last-Mile Delivery Business

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Last-Mile Delivery with Delivery Management Solutions

Streamlining Last-Mile Delivery with Delivery Management Solutions

The last mile of delivery, signifying the final leg of a shipment’s journey from a distribution center to its designated endpoint, is a pivotal component within the broader supply chain that significantly impacts businesses and their clientele.  It is the ultimate test of customer satisfaction, directly influencing a company’s reputation and market position. However, last-mile […]

  • Akshay Singh
  • October 17 , 2023
Creating a Profitable Last-Mile Delivery Business

Best Practices to Create a Profitable Last-Mile Delivery Business

Last-mile delivery is often dubbed the most expensive mile in the supply chain and brings a boatload of challenges for any logistics company. In addition, the increasingly competitive market is often subject to hiccups like a shortage of delivery partners, high customer demands, and unpredictable economic conditions.  How can logistics companies overcome these challenges? By […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • January 10 , 2023
Last-Mile Delivery KPIs That Matter

Top 8 Last-Mile Delivery KPIs That Matter In Real Life

Last-mile delivery operators are still following the old rules to manage drivers, manage vehicle depreciation, reduce breakdowns and increase the operational efficiency of their delivery fleet. However, even with these established processes, creating a profitable operation for their business is often challenging.  So, how do you measure the performance of your last-mile delivery business when […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • December 27 , 2022
Last mile delivery for heavy goods business

Last-Mile Delivery for Heavy Goods Business – Everything You Need to Know

Is it possible to sort out the notoriously complex and pricey nature of last-mile delivery using delivery management software? Yes, it is! In this post, we will look at the most crucial elements of last-mile delivery and help you better understand how you can optimize it with the right solution in your technology stack.  So, […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • November 23 , 2022
Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

Creating Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery Solutions with NetworkON

Technology makes everything better – but only if it is implemented in the right way. In the past few years, we have witnessed a seismic paradigm shift in the way customers interact with their favorite brands. They have also developed new purchasing habits and behaviors and rely on eCommerce more than ever before.  So, why […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • July 07 , 2022
Last mile delivery management guide logo

Ultimate Guide for Last-Mile Delivery Management 

Customers have an ever-increasing need for instant gratification, fast shipping, and quick delivery, making last-mile delivery a complex and challenging task.  Our guide is here to help you make the best decisions to optimize your last-mile delivery infrastructure. Let us look at what makes up a successful last-mile delivery business, including best practices and the […]

  • Akhil Yadav
  • April 28 , 2022
Benefits of last mile delivery software logo

Top 5 Benefits of Last-Mile Delivery Software

Be it a 10-minute delivery model or a same-day delivery model, offering a seamless delivery experience is crucial for any online business. However, last-mile delivery operations are expensive. It accounts for 40 percent of your delivery costs.  But using last-mile delivery software can help reduce your delivery costs. Apart from reducing operational costs, there are […]

  • Akhil Yadav
  • April 25 , 2022
Top__Techniques_to_Reduce_Last-Mile_Delivery_Costs! (1)

Top Techniques to Reduce Last-Mile Delivery Costs!

Are your last-mile delivery costs on the rise all the time? It’s unsurprising if you have scaled up in the past few years. While the eCommerce sector has grown substantially during the pandemic, the sudden rush of orders is not the only reason behind increasing last-mile delivery costs.  Changing consumer behavior is another factor behind […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • August 16 , 2021
Last-Mile Delivery Business

How Route Optimization Can Help Your Last-Mile Delivery Business Scale

Optimizing last-mile delivery operations is pivotal for any small or large-scale fleet management company to ensure profitability and sustainable business growth. Last-mile refers to delivering an item from the local distribution point to the end customer’s location.  But it is a highly challenging aspect, let’s discover why: The Need Of The Hour: Route Optimization Even […]

  • Akshay Singh
  • July 29 , 2021