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5 Crucial Steps to Building an Online Grocery Delivery Software That Works

Time is money and it is absolutely crucial in this day and age to utilize every second we have optimally. Thanks to the global pandemic, we have seen thousands of people queued outside super markets only to be admitted inside with more time restrictions. Why? Because there are not many online grocery systems around.  While […]

May 02 , 2021

Mistakes to Avoid After Launching an On-Demand Delivery App

You are an entrepreneur and want to launch an on-demand delivery app. That’s awesome. After all, mobile apps are the future of business. You call your best friend, pool in the seed funds, and hire an app developer if one of you doesn’t have the required skills. That’s how the wheels start moving in the […]

April 25 , 2021

7 Fleet Management Software Features That Every Business Needs

As more customers prefer to purchase online, retailers and logistics providers are looking for new ideas to deliver goods to the end purchaser. Fleet management software helps you manage drivers, dispatchers, and vehicles to reduce costs and increase fleet’s productivity. Though every business organization requires specific makeup of fleets, it calls for dynamic capabilities from […]

April 23 , 2021

Why Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Should Invest in a Delivery Management System

Did you know that in 2020, 15.05 billion deliveries were completed successfully globally with an average time per delivery being 12 minutes.  Delivery is no longer restricted to shopping on eCommerce giants like Amazon, but smaller players in the retail industry are making huge leaps in the eCommerce ecosystem. The sale of grocery delivery and […]

April 22 , 2021