Cake and Flower Delivery App: Features, Cost and Trends

Cake and Flower Delivery App: Features, Cost and Trends

Flower Delivery App

Flowers have always been a great way to show affection. So it has been an old trend to send bouquets and gifts on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days to remember. 

As mobile apps have been making our life convenient, there’s an excellent opportunity for on-demand flower and cake delivery apps to let users shop for gifts for their loved ones with a few taps on the screen.

The on-demand delivery business is an exciting prospect for existing flower and gift shop owners, which doesn’t require any significant investment or technical know-how. Plus, it also offers them the opportunity to scale and achieve business growth in minimum time. 

This article will cover different aspects of developing an on-demand flower delivery app, including features, costs, and trends. Our analysis will help you choose the best business model that suits your needs, so let’s begin.

Types Of On-Demand Flower Delivery App

The flower and cake delivery apps can be distinguished into two different business models as discussed below:


This business model involves developing an app specifically for a brand. It helps an already established brand to reach out to more customers and accelerate business growth. In addition, it eliminates any involvement of a third-party service provider.

Aggregator app

Like Doordash, an aggregator app brings all florists and confectionaries together on an online platform. Your customers get a wide choice of products or services and select the best that suits their requirements.

In this model, the platform itself has no inventory of its own. However, they charge a certain amount as a commission from the vendors whenever a customer makes a purchase. 

Revenue Model of On-Demand Flower Delivery App

If you are taking your store online, you can run ads on multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more to promote your business. 

However, if you are an aggregator, there are many ways to generate revenue from vendors. Here are the main models that you can use to generate revenue from your on-demand flower and cake delivery app:

Revenue Model of On-Demand Flower Delivery App

Features of On-Demand Flower and Cake Delivery Management Software and App

An admin dashboard, a customer app, and an agent app are prerequisites to provide a seamless delivery experience for your customers. 

Customer App

Here are the essential features of the customer app:

  • Login and Registration: It includes the provision for the users to register and signup for your app using an email address, phone number, or social media integration.
  • Delivery and pickup scheduling: With this feature, the customers can choose the pickup and delivery time of their convenience.
  • Order tracking and status: The app should provide real-time tracking of orders with customers getting instant updates of every delivery stage. The order status includes the current status of the order i.e. confirmed, in-process, canceled, shipped, and delivered.
  • Cost estimation: After the customer selects their desired items, they should get an overall estimate of the cost including delivery charges and additional taxes (if any) within the app.
  • Push notifications: Push notifications include both notifications for offers & discounts and real-time notifications to show the order status and delivery progress.
  • Payment methods: It involves the integration of the app with various payment gateways. The payment methods should be flexible to allow customers to make payments through card, cash, net banking, and other available methods.
  • Review and ratings: Reviews and ratings help your customers to leave feedback after they use your product or services. Allowing them to share their experience will help you improve your services and enable you to build traction and brand credibility.

Admin Dashboard

Now that you know which features are important for your customers, here are the essential features of the admin dashboard:

  • Route Optimization: Route optimization enables you to select the most cost-efficient and quickest route to the end customers. 

It doesn’t always mean selecting the shortest route but the route with a specific number of stops by considering variables like traffic congestion, vehicle load capacity, driver proximity, and more. 

  • Fleet Management: Fleet management involves evaluating fuel expenditure in a specific route and analyzing the performance of your delivery agents.

With cake and flower delivery orders coming in every hour, your business needs a robust solution to handle all the orders efficiently. 

With fleet tracking, you can import customer addresses and prepare an optimal delivery schedule based on driver skills and location proximity. 

  • GPS Tracking: GPS tracking enables your managers to have complete visibility on your fleet. You can know the real-time location of your delivery agents and the status of the order.
  • Analytics: Monitor key business metrics like delivery time, delivery turnaround time, fuel costs, driver efficiency and performance in real-time to increase your operational efficiency

Agent App 

Here are the must-have features of the agent app:

  • Availability:  Your agents should have the ability to mark their availability i.e. if they are On Duty or Off Duty.
  • Manage Tasks: Allow your agents to accept or reject tasks with ease. Provide customer details, pick-up and delivery locations and contact details.
  • Navigation: Navigate your delivery agents with optimized routes to ensure on-time deliveries.
  • Communication: Enable seamless communication among your customers, agents and admin.
  • Proof of Delivery: Allow your drivers to collect proof of delivery by collecting images, notes and signature or scanning barcodes.
  • Earnings: Provide your delivery agents the ability to view their earnings from their tasks. 

The NetworkOn Advantage

The on-demand flower and cake delivery business offers a great opportunity for startup organizations to deliver their services through a wider online customer base and achieve business growth.

By using NetworkON, you get accurate scheduling, efficient utilization of resources, and the capability to manage every process from a single dashboard—allowing you to exercise full control of every activity from order placement to delivery to the end-customer.

Contact us at or visit our website to learn how our on-demand delivery solutions can put you at a definite advantage.


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