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Creating a Profitable Last-Mile Delivery Business
How to Start a Last-Mile Delivery Company: Best Practices

Last-mile delivery is often dubbed the most expensive mile in the supply chain and brings a boatload of challenges for any logistics company. In addition, the increasingly competitive market is often subject to hiccups like a shortage of delivery partners, high customer demands, and unpredictable economic conditions.  How can logistics companies overcome these challenges? By […]

January 10 , 2023

Last-Mile Delivery KPIs That Matter
Top 8 Last-Mile Delivery KPIs That Matter In Real Life

Last-mile delivery operators are still following the old rules to manage drivers, manage vehicle depreciation, reduce breakdowns and increase the operational efficiency of their delivery fleet. However, even with these established processes, creating a profitable operation for their business is often challenging.  So, how do you measure the performance of your last-mile delivery business when […]

December 27 , 2022

This Image represents a Reduce cost for delivery business
8 Ways to Reduce Delivery Costs For Your Businesses

Delivery costs are one of the most crucial financial burdens for logistics companies and the entire supply chain. One of the most popular ways to deal with them is to have a last-mile delivery solution in your technology stack, as these deliveries constitute over 40% of the entire supply chain expense.   Ever since the COVID-19 […]

November 08 , 2022

Top 5 Ways to Prepare your Delivery Business for the Holiday Rush
Top 5 Ways to Prepare your Delivery Business for the Holiday Rush

The holidays are just around the corner; it is always the most fantastic time of the year. However, it is also the busiest time of the year for many business owners, especially the ones operating an eCommerce operation. These businesses are usually overwhelmed by the demand for products as people go into a shopping frenzy […]

November 04 , 2022

This Image represents a delivery girl is taking care of bulky deliveries
How Technology Improves Large and Bulky Goods Delivery Process: Everything You Need to Know 

The landscape of big and bulky goods deliveries is transforming rapidly, and the number of international bulk ship deliveries is increasing yearly. Even the COVID-19 pandemic could not halt the momentum of the growing number of operational ships worldwide.  Here is a quick look at the ongoing trend in bulk ship deliveries worldwide. But why […]

October 06 , 2022

Track these 10 KPI to optimize your delivery operations
Small Business Guide: Track these 10 KPIs to Optimize Your Delivery Operations

A business involving last-mile delivery services has to effectively manage operations to ensure proper utilization of resources, lower operating costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. As Peter Drucker said – If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. It means to improve the performance of a system, you need to measure each element to know […]

September 27 , 2022

Why is Route Planning important for courier business
Why is Route Planning Important for Courier Business?

The advancement of technology has given an exceptional boost to eCommerce. Every day, an increasing number of people turn to online stores to purchase everything from gadgets to groceries.  The global e-commerce logistics industry is expected to become a 2,734.6 billion US dollar market by 2032. The success of eCommerce depends immensely on the delivery […]

September 20 , 2022

Home Service Business
7 Metrics That Matter For your Online Home Service Business

Running an online home service business is daunting. With scheduling appointments, managing agents, and processing invoices, most business owners have little to no time to analyze and optimize your operations. That’s why we have collated the top 7 metrics – operational and customer experience metrics, that you should look at to scale your online home […]

September 17 , 2022

Future of e-pharmacies
Future of E-Pharmacies With an Insight Into Technological Innovations in the Sector

The pharmaceutical industry was on the verge of acknowledging the longstanding industry concerns when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. They were at the crossroads of embracing innovation in their business model and sticking to their roots. However, the pandemic amplified their concerns. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry finally had to embrace the pandemic-induced change, which […]

August 01 , 2022