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Top Ways to Maximize Your Delivery Fleet’s Productivity

Top ways to maximize your delivery fleet’s productivity

Time to get over the outdated fleet management practices and embrace modern-day, robust fleet management software that maximizes efficiency, improves visibility, streamlines workflows, and enhances communication.

If you are into a logistics and transportation business, you will agree that your fleet of vehicles is the most important part of your business. In order to have an effective fleet management process, you need to integrate a fleet management software in your technology stack.

What Exactly is Fleet Productivity?

It is the quantified amount of work that your fleet can achieve with the number of vehicles on your roster at a given time. 

Implementation of advanced delivery management systems is essential for logistics businesses to maximize the efficiency of their fleet. By leveraging the capabilities of a delivery management software, you can get rid of all the fleet management problems. One can also get detailed analytics reports and use the data gathered to optimize the performance of your fleets.

Top Ways to Maximize the Productivity of Your Fleets

In the following lines, we will take a look at the different ways that you can use to optimize your fleet to achieve higher revenue and enjoy improved profitability. Let’s take a look:

1. Integrate a Centralized Fleet Management Solution:

When viewed in isolation, every element of productivity can appear to be overwhelming. That is the reason you should leverage comprehensive delivery management software for fleet management to address the breakdowns in communication. With a solution like NetworkON, you can customize every process to your fleet’s needs. 

2. Integrate Telematics and GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking is not just about tracking a few location pins on the map. It is also concerned with analyzing driver behavior on the road and trends that become visible by accessing various data points . Fleet managers can use this information to improve their fleet’s overall efficiency.

When you integrate your fleet’s telematics and GPS devices, you can create better routing options and have new geofencing parameters in place. It also improves the vehicle’s visibility and finds out about idling time during hours of operation.

A fleet management software like NetworkON is capable of integrating with the different telematics devices to provide detailed data about your fleet and give a broader picture of your ongoing operations. 

It also enables automatic notifications about repair order when engine faults or DTC alerts are reported. It improves your maintenance response time and gives instant insight into visibility issues.

3. More Tracking for Better Performance:

Your fleet’s productivity is directly proportional to the amount of tracking in place. Your fleet management solution not only stores data, but also tracks important metrics associated with each process of the fleet. 

By tracking the time taken by fleets to complete tasks like  on-time service rates, your fleet managers can get more hands on with the operations and make sure that their efforts make an actual difference to the fleet’s productivity.

A robust fleet management software like NetworkON is packed with features that make it easy to break down your fleet’s activities into different parts and generate reports on a daily basis to help streamline the performance of the whole fleet. 

4. Preventive Maintenance Programs:

Small efforts in preventive maintenance can improve the total uptime of your fleet. It reduces the number of trips to the workshop and fleet managers can schedule more assignments easily. 

With a fleet management solution you can assign automated maintenance reminders, approve repair requests in real time and assign orders to the technical team from a single device. Good maintenance is regular but great maintenance is proactive.

5. Focus on Collaboration and Communication:

It is often challenging to keep all members of the fleet involved in every bit of communication. A fleet management solution can synchronize all team members like drivers, maintenance providers, technicians and fleet managers onto a single platform.

Fleet management solution enables all staff members to easily communicate events like service tasks and routing from their mobile devices, no matter what their location is. With constant collaboration and communication, all the problems can be solved in record time and your assets can enjoy a higher uptime.

Wrapping Up

By managing everything from a centralized delivery management software like NetworkON, you can automate the mundane tasks and focus your attention towards new ways of scaling your business. Everything is moving towards a digital setup and it is time to get rid of paper reports and annoying spreadsheets for good.

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