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Top 5 Field Service Management Software

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Field Service Management Software

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    By Rahul Saini
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    Did you know that the global field service management market will likely hit a $5.1 billion mark by 2025? As more at-home service businesses like at-home cleaning and beauty services emerge, the need to manage large remote workforces will increase. Field executives and on-the-go technicians; all of them need regular monitoring and tracking on their jobs. 

    How do you do that? With robust field service management software. If you are not aware of what an FSM system does, here is a quick refresher. 

    A field service management (FSM) system helps an organization manage the work orders, scheduling mobile resources, subcontractors, and contracts when dealing with a high volume of orders.

    It also provides them with the tools to streamline a wide range of business processes by leveraging their existing set of devices and incorporating new features like automatic dispatch, seamless workflow, tracking, and more. 

    In this article, we will look at the features you must consider before choosing a field service management software for your business. Ideally, an FSM solution should offer easy CRM integration, end-to-end service management, and flawless customer lifecycle management.

    Key Features to Look for When Buying a Field Management Software

    1. Optimum Resource Utilization

    A robust FSM solution helps you improve work order management by letting your manager utilize the available resource optimally. In addition, you should be able to monitor tasks and assign tasks automatically to the executives. 

    It should allow your supervisors to track the in-field technicians in real-time while watching their travel history during active work hours. In addition to that, it should keep you updated about the status of the ongoing tasks and make sure all SLA compliances are taken care of. 

    2. Automated Dispatch and Scheduling

    While small businesses can assign and schedule orders manually without a problem, the same cannot be said for growing companies. As you scale up, you must focus on maintaining SLAs and reducing service time. One great way of doing this is by automating the dispatch and scheduling process. 

    FSM software eliminates the chances of duplicate tasks and ensures that the area partners are based on geolocation and route optimization. You can also create rules that label assignments based on priority, like same-day services, next-day appointments, or white glove installation services. In short, your FSM allows you to manage all the day-to-day operations from a centralized dashboard. 

    3. Dynamic Route Optimization

    Your FSM solution should enable you to implement intelligent route planning so that your workforce can access the shortest routes within their specific geolocation. As a result, you would be able to save money spent on fuel, send accurate addresses to your service agents or technicians, and track them in real-time with clear ETAs for every job.

    4. Digital Proof of Delivery

    Using traditional paperwork during deliveries is a clunky practice as your service agents can easily misplace or damage the documentation during transit. Your FMS solution should incorporate digital proof of delivery with features such as electronic signatures, photos, videos, and receipt generation from their smart devices connected to the field service management app. 

    5. Reporting and Analytics

    Your FSM solution should gather valuable insights from the entire delivery operation to give a bird’ eye view of the effectiveness of the process. For example, you should be able to track the performance of your teams and keep a tab on the expenses incurred by executives. Also, it helps you maintain the standards while creating a healthy competitive spirit among the service agents.

    Top Five Field Service Management Software 

    Now that you have a clear picture of the critical elements of effective Field service management software, it is time to take a look at some of the most prominent software solutions you can choose for your business. 

    1. Skedulo

    Skedulo is a remote productivity solution designed for teams working in a dynamic setting. Multiple organizations worldwide use it, and its Deskless Productivity Cloud is used to manage millions of appointments every year.

    Skedulo helps businesses by:

    • Simplifying scheduling process
    • Gaining more visibility over the fleet
    • Improving workforce efficiency
    • Providing an intuitive app for teams
    • Delivering actionable insights
    • Reducing operational costs

    2. OptimoRoute 

    OptimoRoute is an FSM solution for service dispatch businesses with a track record of delivering stand-out–service. It leverages complex algorithms to optimize routes in a matter of seconds. In addition, it offers a simple user interface with a wide range of features that you can use at any time. 

    Some of the key features of OptimoRoute include:

    • Delivery tracking
    • Driver and fleet management
    • Electronic signatures during delivery
    • Easy order assignment and dispatch
    • Team management with analytics
    • Route optimization with GPS

    3. NetworkON

    NetworkON is a rapidly growing field service management software that bridges the gap between business and customers in a seamless way. It is popular for its sophisticated algorithm that makes the lives of delivery teams and administrators a lot easier. 

    It offers a comprehensive set of features that resolves some of the most complicated problems involved in the field service management process. 

    Some of the most notable NetworkON include:

    • Automatic job assignment based on geolocation
    • Instant notifications to admins, drivers, and customers about an order’s status
    • Generate accurate ETAs with dynamic route optimization capabilities
    • Digital proof of delivery to eliminate the errors generated with manual paperwork
    • White-glove delivery service management for high-value orders
    • Robust data and analytics to monitor business performance on all fronts

    4. Jobber

    Jobber is primarily used to make home service easy. It offers easy-to-use apps for all stakeholders and can be customized to fit a business process. As a result, it automates a large chunk of everyday operations and makes your team more efficient. It also saves time and money spent on manual management and allows you to get more work done without hiring additional staff.

    Key features of Jobber include:

    • Automated dispatch and scheduling
    • Automatic reminders
    • Route optimization 
    • Push notifications
    • Analytics and reporting 
    • Improved customer service

    5. HousecallPro 

    HousecallPro is famous for delivering premium features in a user-friendly interface for web and mobile apps. Its uniqueness comes from a seamless user experience and the ease of digitizing a business. It offers flexibility and actionable insights to the company in a centralized dashboard.

    Field Service Management Software

    Key features of HousecallPro include:

    • Push notifications and alerts 
    • Automatic order scheduling
    • Clear communication between delivery partners, admins, and customers
    • Fleet management
    • Route optimization and geofencing
    • Digital proof of delivery
    • Real-time tracking of delivery partners

    The NetworkON Advantage

    NetworkON offers a lot more features than the ones mentioned above. It is an AI-powered field service management software that instantly fixes the issues associated with routing and geofencing. 

    It also focuses on delivering green solutions and allows users to reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating paper use in the delivery process. You can also use the NetworkON App marketplace to integrate your NetworkON interface with multiple third-party applications without spending thousand of dollars. 

    Here are some more features offered by NetworkON that can make field service management a breeze. 

    • AI-powered route optimization and geofencing capabilities to keep your service agents teams s on the right path at all times
    • A united front for customers, service agents, and administrators in the form of a centralized dashboard
    • A holistic view of your business’ field service management operations for better transparency 
    • Improved order fulfillment by assigning specific geolocations to service agents.  
    • Robust analytics for your team’s performance management 
    • Instant push notifications and SMS alerts to all stakeholders about an order’s status

    You can check out the complete list of NetworkON features here. 


    Until you find the right FSM software for your business, it will be a tough call to scale up your operations and any capacity. With a solution like NetworkON, you can optimize all elements of your logistics process. In addition to the convenience, you can enjoy reduced costs and higher revenues without compromising on the quality of your operations. 

    Why not experience the harmony yourself? Start NetworkON’s free trial today and check out what your business is missing. 

    To learn more about NetworkON or get started, email us at You can also learn more about FSM solutions and delivery management systems through the posts in our blog section.

    Do you know of any other features that should be a part of any good FSM software?

    Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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