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Top 5 Pickup and Delivery Management Software

Published on: January 24 , 2022 Updated on: January 31, 2022 Reading Icon 9 min read

Pickup and Delivery Management Software

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    Pickup and delivery businesses are all the rage in the post-pandemic economy. Today, customers have accepted online shopping as a preferred method of buying products and are willing to pay a premium for same-day delivery. 

    With a deviation in their buying practices, customer expectations are also at an all-time high, and it only takes a single bad experience to lose faith in a brand. So, how do you manage your business efficiently in such a hypercompetitive environment? By strengthening the logistics part of your business with robust pickup and delivery management software.

    A reliable pickup and delivery management software is a tool that helps your business streamline the entire shipping and delivery process to improve the overall performance of your teams. Last-mile tracking, automatic dispatch, dynamic route optimization, real-time tracking, and improved communication between administrations, customers, and delivery partners are some of the critical issues that pickup and delivery management software solves for your business.

    In the following sections, we will look at the core elements of a top-performing delivery management system. Since managing deliveries is a crucial step in the efficient management of your business, integrating a delivery management system into your technology stack should be your priority. 

    Most Crucial Elements of a Pickup and Delivery Management Software

    1. Cloud-based Solution

    With a network of delivery partners spread across the globe, you need to have a tool that allows you to manage different teams without deploying significant hardware and software solutions. 

    You can operate a cloud-based solution from any smart device or browser in a secure environment. It allows you to onboard new delivery partners and logistics providers remotely in a matter of minutes and establishes a clear line of communication seamlessly. 

    2. Easy to Use

    Not everyone on your team will have the technical prowess to learn a complex delivery management system. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a tool that is easy to use and does not require specialized training before the stakeholders in the delivery team can start using it. 

    3. Different Apps for Administrators, Delivery Partners, and Customers

    A delivery management software eliminates the need for extensive paperwork and reduces human error thanks to the digitization of the outlying processes. Different team members must have exclusive access to their respective apps to optimize order processing, manage deliveries, and track the fleet while maintaining strong communication between the concerned parties. 

    4. Dynamic Route Optimization and Geofencing

    It is not a good idea to let your delivery partners have a free-for-all when accepting incoming delivery tasks on their smart devices. An AI-powered delivery management system resolves this issue by implementing dynamic route optimization and geofencing measures to assign orders specifically to the partners operating in a particular area and offering them the shortest route to their destination.

    5. Digital Proof of Delivery 

    Carrying a bunch of physical documents to get delivery confirmation is an antiquated process that can generate more human errors. In addition, it drastically reduces the efficiency of the delivery process, and the physical paperwork is always at risk of getting lost or damaged in transit. 

    A pickup and delivery management system is the best way to eliminate the drawbacks of the traditional process. Your delivery partners can use their smart devices to capture digital signatures, post photos as proof of delivery and address customer concerns swiftly. 

    A digital proof of delivery also reduces the missed delivery count and clearly views the delivery partner’s every move right from the pickup to the drop-off point.

    6. Instant Notifications With Real-Time Tracking

    In a traditional setup, you need to wait till the end of the day to get a status update from your delivery partners. However, with the help of a delivery management system, you will be notified of every delivery instantly. 

    You can use location tracking to keep track of your team’s movements and find out if they are following protocol when delivering products. The instant notifications also help your customers stay on top of the order, and they can see when their package will reach the desired destination. 

    Top 5 Pickup and Delivery Management Software

    Now that you have a clear understanding of what an excellent delivery management software should look like, it is time to look at the best solution available. 

    1. Onfleet

    Delivery Management Software - onfleet
    Source: Onfleet

    Onfleet is an efficient delivery management system that focuses on creating leaner operational cycles and delivering a delightful customer experience. 

    Some of the critical features of Onfleet include:

    • Efficient dispatch using automated solutions
    • Route optimization considers location, order frequency, capacity, and traffic to suggest the shortest route possible to the drivers. 
    • It offers status filtering capabilities and uses text, status, or time taken for the queries regarding the delivery tasks. 
    • It automates the dispatch process and reduces the time needed to manage the orders manually.
    • It gives you real-time customer information, order details, and routes followed for deliveries.
    • You can also generate electronic proof of delivery using Onfleet with features like digital signatures, notes, barcodes, and photos.

    2. NetworkON

    Delivery Management Software - NetworkON
    Source: NetworkON

    NetworkON is one of the fastest-growing delivery management software today and connects the administrators, delivery partners, and customers onto a common platform to make the lives of pickup and delivery teams a lot easier.

    It offers comprehensive features for all the stakeholders and uses complex algorithms to provide crucial features discussed above and more. If you are into the pickup and delivery of high-value goods, then NetworkON’s white glove delivery solutions are an added benefit for your business. 

    So, how does NetworkON help in streamlining the uber-like delivery process? Here’s how:

    • It automatically assigns the incoming delivery tasks to the nearest driver within specific geolocation.
    • It sends instant alerts to administrators and customers when an order has been picked up and is on the move.
    • The customers receive an estimated time of delivery based on route optimization so that they are available at the location. 
    • Delivery partners can generate digital proof of delivery and get rid of the hassle that comes with traditional paperwork. 
    • Customers can easily share their reviews about the delivery experience from the customer app.
    • You can collect the data generated from all parties to evaluate your teams’ overall performance.
    • NetworkON allows you to integrate white glove delivery services in record time.

    3. Tookan

    Delivery Management Software - Tookan
    Source: Tookan

    Tookan is an enterprise-level delivery management system that focuses on automation and route optimization capabilities for B2B and B2C companies. 

    Key features of Tookan’s delivery management system include:

    • Route optimization allows the drivers to get to their destination with the shortest possible distance and save time on deliveries. 
    • Automatic dispatch eliminates the need to assign the orders to delivery partners manually.  
    • Smart analytics gives you an idea about the routes that are apt for deliveries in different areas and allows you to measure the efficiency of your teams.
    • Since all the processes are automated, it helps keep the overhead costs low and translates into better profits and productivity across the delivery process.

    4. Dispatch Track

    Dispatch Track is a delivery management solution that offers a wide range of solutions like last-mile delivery and route optimization with comprehensive apps for delivery partners and customers.

    Key features of Dispatch Track include:

    • Dynamic route optimization with AI-based system offering higher accuracy and instantaneous response to changes on the way.
    • Automatic scheduling and tracking measures allow you to reschedule delivery when needed and generate accurate ETAs.
    • Digital documentation allows the delivery partners to use smart devices to generate proof of delivery that includes pictures, barcode scans, and instant communication with customers.
    • Dispatch Tracks collects data across different delivery functions and sends it to a central database for instant analysis. You can use this information to fine-tune your operations too. 

    5. FarEye

    Delivery Management Software - FarEye
    Source: FarEye

    FarEye is an intelligent delivery management platform that uses a low-code/no-code SaaS operation to deliver a delightful experience to all stakeholders in the delivery process. 

    Key features of FarEye delivery management system include:

    • It offers easy-to-scale capabilities for your business and allows you to roll out any process changes swiftly. 
    • It offers end-to-end visibility of all delivery processes making the delivery partners more accountable.
    • It can be customized based on a company’s goals to deliver a better customer experience.
    • You can generate accurate ETAs, manage reverse logistics and offer delivery schedules to offer more flexibility to the customers.

    But What Makes NetworkON Special?

    The features mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, as NetworkON offers a comprehensive list of features for your business to leverage. So let’s check them out.

    First, it is an AI-powered delivery management software that can be crucial to expedite the digital transformation of your pickup and delivery management process. 

    NetworkON focuses on implementing green solutions that help brands reduce their carbon footprint by digitizing all documentation in the delivery process. Moreover, you can integrate NetworkON with a wide range of third-party apps using the NetworkON App marketplace without having to spend a fortune. 

    Here are some most impressive features that NetworkON offers to businesses of all sizes regardless of the industry or specific niches within. 

    • AI-powered dynamic route optimization and geofencing capabilities to eliminate confusion and offer the best delivery experience to the customer
    • Centralized dashboard with different apps for customers, delivery partners, and administrations 
    • Automatic order assignment and easy fleet management on a cloud-based platform that can be operated remotely
    • Bird’s eye view of your entire logistics operation to ensure transparency and accountability
    • Intuitive geofencing to improve order fulfillment and define geographic operating zones for the delivery partners.
    • Robust analytics allow you to measure the performance of your teams and make informed decisions when working on improving the system.
    • Establishing seamless communication between all stakeholders and sending instant notifications using SMS or push notifications 
    • Flexibility to integrate third-party apps with NetworkON using NetworkON marketplace

    Wrapping Up

    Today, it is impossible for an eCommerce company to survive without the best pickup and delivery management software in its technology stack. Not only does it help you in optimizing various elements of your logistics operations, but it also helps you reduce overheads on human resources and physical infrastructure. 

    So, integrating pickup and delivery management software should be your priority if you are looking for that platform to leap from the growing phase to a grown-up stage.

    Want to know more about getting started with NetworkON? Let’s talk. Get in touch with our experts today. You can email us at or visit our website. Check out our blog section to learn more about how NetworkON transforms pickup and delivery businesses.

    Know of any other features a delivery management software can offer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

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