Top 5 White Glove Delivery Software You Should Consider

Top 5 White Glove Delivery Software

White Glove Delivery Software

You need to operate with standardized procedures to maintain quality and revenue as a delivery business. But what if you could add a lot more to your earnings by offering a high-end version of your existing service portfolio? 

While the notion of doing so wasn’t as popular in the past, with the rise of the eCommerce businesses, it is safe to say that it is the right time to move into this new domain. That is why many leading logistics companies are including white-glove delivery services into their portfolio today. 

While they have the required resources to achieve this feat, they are also aware that they can leverage the first-mover advantage and improve their bottom line substantially. 

So, What Is White-Glove Delivery?

In a nutshell, white-glove delivery picks up the concept of customized customer service, applies it to last-mile delivery services. Logistics partners pick up the goods, ensure that they are well packaged for transit, and deliver the products to a customer. Also, white glove delivery services manage secondary functions like providing installation support if needed.

Apart from the services mentioned above, white-glove delivery service is also associated with packaging goods at a premise, moving them up or down a flight of stairs, and providing exceptional care for the fragile items in the order. This is the primary reason why furniture and electronic appliance sellers opt for white-glove delivery services. For customers, it eliminates the hassle involved in transporting fragile items by themselves. They are happy to pay more to the professionals to receive goods safely rather than risk transporting them personally. 

As a delivery company, you can consider it a high-value delivery service with typically higher revenues and profitability. But what matters is the peace of mind a customer receives when you give special attention to their orders at a marginally higher price.

When Is White-Glove Delivery the Preferred Option?

There is no strict list of which businesses can use white-glove delivery services. While high-end product companies use this service to offer an unmatched delivery experience, small or medium-sized companies can also leverage white-glove delivery services to create a strong brand name. 

For example, certain car dealerships offer a white-glove buying experience to their customers by enabling them to choose their favorite car from the comfort of their homes. Another excellent example of a white-glove delivery service is displayed by Louis Vuitton, who offer a delightful delivery experience to their customers.

But to give you a clear picture of when white-glove delivery services are considered, let’s take a look at some of the cases where it is a preferred mode of delivery.

  • When customers want their packages to be handled and delivered with utmost care
  • When the services of a technical expert are needed, like when delivering a new TV followed by installation
  • In cases where the delivery team needs to coordinate with warehouses to pick up and deliver the orders
  • For products that require climate-controlled warehousing, white-glove delivery services offering specialized storage options are a preferred mode of delivery
  • When customers wish to receive round the clock support for their orders
  • For high-value products like furniture and electronics where the delivery team must load the product from the showroom and handle it with care during the transit
  • Large-scale projects like moving a house where every item in the house needs to be packaged in safety crates and reliable storage options
White Glove Delivery Softwares

Top 5 White Glove Delivery Software 

Now that you have a better idea about the benefits of white-glove delivery, it is time to look at the software solutions that allow your business to incorporate them into your portfolio. 

Let’s take a look at some of the popular white-glove delivery software available today.

1. NetworkON

NetworkON is one of the fastest-growing white-glove delivery management software that works seamlessly for multiple industries, including home, healthcare, pickup and drop business, maintenance, trucking, retail, furniture, electronics, luxury delivery, logistics, and food & beverage, to name a few.

NetworkON leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide route optimization and geofencing capabilities with pinpoint accuracy.

White Glove Delivery Software - NetworkON features

To learn more about the comprehensive features of NetworkON, click here.

2. Dispatch Track

It is an AI-based white-glove delivery service provider that optimizes your last-mile logistics. It helps brands connect with their customers, delivery partners, and administrators to handle large-scale last-mile delivery operations. 

Key features of Dispatch Track include:

  • White-glove delivery management capabilities
  • Intelligent routing and optimization
  • Online proof of delivery for daily functions
  • 3PL management capabilities

3. FarEye

FarEye’s Intelligent Delivery Orchestration Platform allows you to incorporate and manage white-glove delivery solutions in your business. It is best known for optimizing last-mile delivery operations to increase on-time deliveries and foster customer engagement at scale.

Key features of FarEye’s solution include:

  • Cross-docking management
  • Driver tracking in real-time
  • Routing and dispatch optimizations
  • Reverse logistics and billing

4. Bringg

It is a leading customer-centric white-glove delivery service solution for enterprise customers. It leverages robust technology platforms to streamline your logistics operations and make the delivery process more manageable. 

The key features of Bringg include:

  • Route optimization and planning 
  • Different apps for Android and iOS
  • Real-time tracking of delivery teams
  • Track orders and history

5. Shipsy

Shipsy is a SaaS-based white-glove delivery management platform that automates everyday operations and positively impacts costs. It offers transparency in the delivery process and can help your business increase first-attempt deliveries.

Key features of Shipsy include:

  • Automatic dispatch and order management
  • Real-time tracking and shipment management 
  • Barcode reading services for billing related services
  • Route planning and fleet management

Final Thoughts

NetworkON offers customized solutions for your business and seamlessly integrates your existing technology stack. As a result, you can easily manage white-glove delivery operations of all sizes and scale up the operations as and when required. Want to know more about getting started with NetworkON? Let’s talk! Get in touch with our experts today. You can email us at or visit our website. You can also learn more about the ongoing trends in white-glove delivery from our blog section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does the White Glove Solution differ from standard delivery options?

Answer: While standard delivery focuses on getting products to customers efficiently, White Glove Solution takes it a step further. It involves specialized handling, assembly, and installation services, offering customers a personalized and high-touch experience. 

Q. What features should I look for in White Glove Delivery Software?

Answer: The top White Glove Delivery Software should offer features like real-time tracking, appointment scheduling, route optimization, inventory management, and seamless communication tools. These features ensure a smooth and efficient white glove delivery process.

Q. Which industries benefit the most from White Glove Solution?

Answer: Industries such as furniture, electronics, healthcare, and luxury goods benefit significantly from White Glove Solution. Any business where the proper handling, assembly, or installation of products is critical for customer satisfaction can leverage White Glove Delivery for a competitive edge.

Q. Are there any challenges associated with implementing White Glove Delivery Software?

Answer: While the benefits are substantial, challenges may include the need for staff training, initial setup costs, and potential adjustments to existing logistics processes. However, the long-term advantages of customer loyalty and brand reputation often outweigh these initial challenges.

Q. How does White Glove Delivery Software contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Answer: White Glove Delivery Software contributes to customer satisfaction by ensuring timely, careful, and personalized handling of products. This attention to detail enhances the overall customer experience, increasing satisfaction, positive reviews, and improved customer loyalty.

Q. Can White Glove Delivery Software be integrated with existing eCommerce platforms?

Answer: Many White Glove Delivery Software solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms. This integration ensures a smooth flow of information, from order placement to the white glove delivery process, streamlining operations and reducing manual efforts.


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