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Last-Mile Delivery Business
How Route Optimization Can Help Your Last-Mile Delivery Business Scale

Optimizing last-mile delivery operations is pivotal for any small or large-scale fleet management company to ensure profitability and sustainable business growth. Last-mile refers to delivering an item from the local distribution point to the end customer’s location.  But it is a highly challenging aspect, let’s discover why: The Need Of The Hour: Route Optimization Even […]

July 29 , 2021

Top Metrics to Drive Customer Experience for Your Cannabis Business
Top Metrics to Drive Customer Experience for Your Cannabis Business

With the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana gaining popularity across many countries, this new acceptance has skyrocketed the global marijuana business, which is expected to cross the $90.4 billion mark by 2026. North America alone is responsible for 80% of the market share out of the entire global market. So it’s a […]

September 27 , 2021

Benefits of last mile delivery software logo
Top 5 Benefits of Last-Mile Delivery Software

Be it a 10-minute delivery model or a same-day delivery model, offering a seamless delivery experience is crucial for any online business. However, last-mile delivery operations are expensive. It accounts for 40 percent of your delivery costs.  But using last-mile delivery software can help reduce your delivery costs. Apart from reducing operational costs, there are […]

April 25 , 2022

How to make delivery business profitable logo
Ways to Be Profitable in Your Delivery Business: Explore Everything Here

It is no secret that the delivery business experienced a steady growth during the global pandemic. The profitable delivery model attracted and changed the purchase preference of most individuals, and became a necessity for B2B and B2C businesses.  Paying attention to the current scenario and customers’ changing preferences is vital for brands, especially when it […]

June 28 , 2022