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Track these 10 KPI to optimize your delivery operations
Small Business Guide: Track these 10 KPIs to Optimize Your Delivery Operations

A business involving last-mile delivery services has to effectively manage operations to ensure proper utilization of resources, lower operating costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. As Peter Drucker said – If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. It means to improve the performance of a system, you need to measure each element to know […]

September 27 , 2022

Last-Mile Delivery KPIs That Matter
Top 8 Last-Mile Delivery KPIs That Matter In Real Life

Last-mile delivery operators are still following the old rules to manage drivers, manage vehicle depreciation, reduce breakdowns and increase the operational efficiency of their delivery fleet. However, even with these established processes, creating a profitable operation for their business is often challenging.  So, how do you measure the performance of your last-mile delivery business when […]

December 27 , 2022

Creating a Profitable Last-Mile Delivery Business
Best Practices to Create a Profitable Last-Mile Delivery Business

Last-mile delivery is often dubbed the most expensive mile in the supply chain and brings a boatload of challenges for any logistics company. In addition, the increasingly competitive market is often subject to hiccups like a shortage of delivery partners, high customer demands, and unpredictable economic conditions.  How can logistics companies overcome these challenges? By […]

January 10 , 2023

Demystifying Package Tracking Software: How It Works and Why It Matters

In the dynamic world of logistics, maintaining precision and efficiency is crucial. Achieving the smooth transit from point A to point B involves carefully coordinating multiple elements, with package tracking software as the central component in orchestrating this intricate process. In this article, we unravel the complexities of package tracking software, exploring how it works […]

December 27 , 2023