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Why Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Should Invest in a Delivery Management System

Did you know that in 2020, 15.05 billion deliveries were completed successfully globally with an average time per delivery being 12 minutes.  Delivery is no longer restricted to shopping on eCommerce giants like Amazon, but smaller players in the retail industry are making huge leaps in the eCommerce ecosystem. The sale of grocery delivery and […]

April 22 , 2021

Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Delivery Management System
Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Delivery Management System for Retail Business

‘Invest in a good delivery management system for your business!’ says nearly every expert in the logistics industry. Nearly 25% of the world’s population shops online. What does this mean for eCommerce businesses or any retail business in general? Simply put, they need to work on improving the delivery experience of their customers and transform […]

July 27 , 2021

Must-Have Features of aCannabis Delivery Business
Must-Have Features of a Cannabis Delivery Business

Even after half of the US has legalized the use of medical cannabis, you might often come across a few cross glares when talking about starting a cannabis delivery business. It is not just considered a social taboo, but even investors and entrepreneurs lack confidence in the relatively new industry.  Despite the reservations, the cannabis […]

August 09 , 2021

Top__Techniques_to_Reduce_Last-Mile_Delivery_Costs! (1)
Top Techniques to Reduce Last-Mile Delivery Costs!

Are your last-mile delivery costs on the rise all the time? It’s unsurprising if you have scaled up in the past few years. While the eCommerce sector has grown substantially during the pandemic, the sudden rush of orders is not the only reason behind increasing last-mile delivery costs.  Changing consumer behavior is another factor behind […]

August 16 , 2021