On-Demand Home Services Business: Master the Next Big Thing
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On-Demand Home Services Business: Master the Next Big Thing

Published on: July 12 , 2021 Updated on: December 2, 2021 Reading Icon 6 min read

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    By Rahul Saini

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    “Look at that on-demand home services business app, it has grown so much in such a short amount of time. Is it possible for a business to scale up so fast?”  

    Statements like this are pretty common these days and smart marketers know that everything is possible when you are in an on-demand home services business. 

    Our lives are becoming more like a simulation every day as everyone is busy unlocking new levels as they progress in the game called life. Since everyone is busy with their careers or their daily routines, there isn’t much time left for completing different household tasks.

    Things have changed even more since the COVID-19 pandemic as working from home has become a new normal and the lines between ‘me time’ and ‘office time’ has blurred even further. 

    As a result, on-demand home service businesses have flourished and scaled up multiple times in the past 18 months. Today, there is an app for almost everything, and an on-demand services business app makes perfect sense for an investment.

    Don’t believe it? Here are some numbers to clear the air. 

    According to a New York Times Survey, the current on-demand home services business market stands at $600 billion in America.  The Global Online On-demand Home Services Market 2021-2025 report states that the on-demand market will continue to boom between 2021-2025 at a CAGR of around 70% with a total value of over $4730 billion. 

    On-Demand Home Service Business – The Next Big Thing? Let’s Explore

    In the past few years, we have seen a number of on-demand home service apps pop up in cyberspace. But what is the potential of these startups? Can we assess how big this opportunity is? 

    The opportunity is huge, as is evident from the details mentioned earlier. If you want to understand the overall potential of on-demand home service startups, here are a few categories that can be incorporated into the on-demand home service business model. 

    Let’s take a look at different types of 0n-demand home service app ideas that you can invest into:

    • Home cleaning
    • Carpentry
    • Laundry
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical appliance repair
    • Electrical installation
    • Vehicle repair and maintenance
    • Packers and movers
    • Gardening and landscaping
    • Pet care
    • Domestic and industrial painting

    These are just a few of the use-cases that you can cater to when creating your own on-demand home services business. If businesses cannot adapt to the on-demand economy, they are going to have a hard time scaling up or even maintaining their business. 

    How Does an On-Demand Home Service Scheduling Platform  Deliver a Positive ROI?

    Before we discuss the features of an on-demand home service scheduling and dispatch software in detail, let’s get familiar with a few new developments. Gone are the days when you had to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing an on-demand business website and app from scratch. 

    Today, you can start FREE with solutions like NetworkON swiftly with 99% up-time. All you have to do is sign up and start marketing your platform. 

    Now, let’s take a look at the most crucial features that you must incorporate into your on-demand home services business app if you want to stay a step ahead of the competition and get an amazing ROI on your investment.

    Easy Registration and Login:

    Burdening the customer with long and boring forms at the time of registration leads to cart abandonment in many cases. The way to get around this problem is to enable registrations using apps like Gmail, Facebook, etc. 

    Once you register them using a social account, you can always ask them to fill in other required fields like delivery address, contact details when they are completing their order. 

    Secure and Authentic Operation:

    All great on-demand apps have multi-factor authentication and a secure payment environment. Since the majority of the orders are going to be paid for using online payment options, it is advised that you pay attention to details here. 

    Offer secure payment gateways, enable multiple payment options like PayPal, digital wallets, credit cards, internet banking, and more to make things more convenient for your end-users. 

    Live Tracking and Route Optimization:

    A live GPS tracking system makes all the sense when talking about on-demand service delivery apps. We enjoy the convenience offered by the likes of Amazon when they share every bit of detail about our package movement in a sophisticated interface. 

    The same principle can be applied to the service sector as well. Business owners can keep a track of their teams on the road and the customers can always stay updated about their estimated time of arrival.

    Moreover, a robust route optimization software can create perfect roadmaps for the service teams and in the process reduce the fuel consumption by offering the shortest routes and analyzing idling time between different orders. 

    Crucial Features for On-Demand Home Services Business Application’s Administrator 

    Now that you know about the must-have features on the customer app, let’s also take a look at what your administrators (vendors) will need to manage their teams easily using your app.

    • Central Dashboard: To give administrators direct access to oversee the orders received, transactions completed, rescheduled orders and order cancellations.
    • Verification: To verify the service provider’s details and maintain their records on the app.
    • Accept or Reject: Gives administrators the ability to accept or reject any orders based on factors like staff availability, costs, distance, etc. 
    • Reporting and Analytics: Allows administrators to keep a look at their business’ performance by downloading reports on different criteria.
    • Customer Service: To cater to customer’[s queries or grievances straight from the app and keep them posted about progress. 

    Wrapping Up

    Yesterday’s luxuries are today’s necessities and that’s the direction in which the home service market is moving. Millennials are the biggest users of on-demand home services apps and they are not letting mundane tasks like laundry, cleaning, etc. get in the way of living their lives peacefully.

    The digital ecosystem has surpassed traditional business methods and techniques and has given birth to a new ecosystem where skilled professionals can sign-up to find work without being at the mercy of a specific company. 

    On-demand services offer convenience and accelerate the trade in more ways than one. As a service provider, skilled workers get access to jobs you would never have been able to if you were operating offline. 

    As the owner of an on-demand service marketplace app, you get commissions from each order and can generate more revenue opportunities once the user base starts increasing. 

    Ready to Start Your Own On-Demand Home Services Business? Let’s Get Started!

    Find out how you can create your own multi-vendor marketplace in a few easy steps and outsmart the competition with an end-to-end home service scheduling and dispatch system at your fingertips.

    Schedule a free demo with experts at NetworkON right away, or email us at info@networkon.io

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