How to Use Technology to Scale Up White Glove Delivery Service

How to Use Technology to Scale Up Your White Glove Delivery Service and Support

How to Use Technology to Scale Up Your White Glove Delivery Service and Support

Over the past decade, supply chains across the globe have experienced tremendous growth and have been subject to some significant paradigm shifts. Then, courier or delivery services were just a means to deliver goods from one place to another, but today, it is more about providing an experience to the customer. 

Why? Because thousands of eCommerce places have sprung up during these years, many of them are catering to niche markets requiring specialized pickup and delivery services. Take the example of large and bulky goods delivery businesses. It was rare to hear that somebody ordered a piece of furniture online, it was delivered, and then an installation team came in to have it up and running in no time. However, it is an everyday affair today as countless furniture sellers across different eCommerce platforms exist. 

Combine that with the recent pandemic, and the eCommerce market has launched into the stratosphere, changing people’s buying habits forever. However, running and managing a pickup and delivery business for such goods is impossible without the right technology. 

Large and bulky goods businesses, e-pharmacies, and luxury goods need a unique white-glove delivery service. If you are new to white-glove delivery, here is a quick refresher.

White-glove delivery refers to the pickup and delivery of high-value goods from one place to another using high-quality packaging and transportation norms to ensure that the packages reach their destination in mint condition. After a package has been delivered, installation services are also a part of the white-glove delivery process. 

Although we have come a long way in white-glove delivery service, plenty of challenges need to be addressed. In this article, we will look at a new-found foundational emphasis on using white-glove delivery service and how you can use technology to adopt the concept and transform your delivery business into a revenue-generating powerhouse. 

How You Can Use Technology to Scale Up Your White Glove Delivery Business

White glove delivery has the potential to be a key differentiating feature of your logistics business. By incorporating high-quality packaging and a delightful customer experience, a logistics business can earn more money and serve the niche end of the market to acquire a completely new client base. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Focus on Value

Scaling white-glove delivery is challenging but not impossible. As discussed above, you should focus on the customer experience more than logistics. Your customers should feel that their delivery is special right from the get-go. 

Engage them every step of the way, communicate their order status in real time, and provide accurate ETAs. 

Add value to your operations by eliminating technical hiccups in the pickup and delivery process by automating mundane tasks and avoiding technical errors associated with manual operations. Once you have integrated your POS with delivery management software, you can rest assured of delivering an improved customer experience.

Ensure Seamless Deployment of Orders

White-glove delivery is not restricted to high-quality packaging and extends into the timely delivery of goods. Nobody wants to pay the extra money and receive their packages simultaneously as a traditional delivery method. 

Managing the delivery of large and bulky goods like furniture can be tricky, but with the proper software implementation, you can differentiate yourself from countless vendors in the field. 

Provide Regular Training and Education

Companies often acquire a new piece of technology but still fail. Why? Because they don’t spend enough time training their staff to use it properly. Therefore, integrating delivery management software without putting your staff through the required technical training can prove disastrous. 

You must create in-depth training about the delivery management software and explain how it will be used in the industry you are operating in. A well-trained workforce can eliminate errors in operations and increase your company’s turnover to a great extent. Also, if you have teams working across multiple locations, you can institute a virtual training program and establish a standardized operating procedure. 

Establish a Multi-Channel Support System

No business can survive on an aggressive sales strategy alone. To make your brand stand apart from the competition, it is vital to have a multi-channel support system. A few ways you can do it is by creating a channel where customers can share their concerns and queries about their delivery experience. It can be via email or through a support section in the customer application.

You can receive tickets directly into your CRM and initiate a live chat between your customer service agents and customers. In addition to that, you must implement strict SLAs to resolve customer issues within a stipulated time. 

Invest in the Right Technology and People

Just like a ship without a captain is doomed from the start, technology alone is not enough to create a successful pickup and delivery business. The secret behind a scalable white-glove delivery business is that the team scales up their skills with time. 

So, when hiring staff for your white-glove delivery business, assess their potential to determine how far they can stretch their skillset. Then, choose people willing to learn and improve every day and not become complacent as time goes on. 

Also, you should have the correct number of people on your team. Being overstaffed is as dangerous as being understaffed. Always remember, despite your best efforts, not everyone will be the perfect fit for your company, and your priority should be to retain and train the best of the lot and help them imbibe the company’s culture. 

Establish or Scale Up Your White-Glove Delivery Business With NetworkON

NetworkON is an AI-powere delivery management software that can launch and scale up a white-glove delivery business. We offer specialized features for different delivery businesses across industries, and many companies are already using NetworkON to take their business to the next level.

Some of the coolest NetworkON features to help you with your white-glove delivery business include:

  • AI-powered route optimization 
  • Accurate geofencing capabilities
  • Digital proof of deliveries
  • Option to unify pickup and delivery tasks under a single task
  • Establish clear and concise capacity management guidelines 
  • Unify delivery and installation teams onto a common platform
  • Access to robust analytics for strategic decision making
  • Easy integration with existing CRM and POS platforms
  • Open a clear line of communication among all stakeholders

These features are just the tip of the iceberg, and you can find a wide range of game-changing NetworkON features here. Schedule a demo with our experts today to see how your business can function at optimum capacity using NetworkON. For more information, email us at or visit our website.


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