How to Ensure On-Time Deliveries this Black Friday

How to Ensure On-Time Deliveries this Black Friday

On-Time Deliveries this Black Friday

‘Tis the season of shopping madness. 

With Black Friday and Cyber, Monday sales right around the corner, retailers, and e-commerce businesses are bracing themselves for the order rush. 

In addition, the government is not easing the covid restrictions due to the increasing cases. This leads to more consumers preferring to shop online.

Deloitte’s retail and distribution practice projects that holiday sales will likely increase between 7% and 9%, indicating more deliveries and more chances for porch pirates or delivery delays. 

How to Ensure On-Time Deliveries This Black Friday (and every day)

It is not surprising to see customers shop at the last minute for holiday gifts. And, they also expect a seamless delivery experience. So, naturally, this increases the burden for logistics companies to meet customer expectations. 

However, leveraging the right technology can solve most delivery challenges. Let us look at the top challenges and how you can solve them:

1. Unoptimized Routes 

Problem: Manually planning routes for large volumes of orders is cumbersome. It leads to high delivery times, inefficient fleet management, and poor customer experience. 

Solution: Enable route optimization to minimize delays and travel time. It also helps you save fuel costs by letting you decrease the number of on-road vehicles and allowing a single vehicle to handle multiple orders on the same route. 

2. Inefficient Fleet Management 

Problem:  One of the significant challenges most delivery businesses face is inefficient fleet management. In turn, it leads to increased delivery costs, increased fleet idle time, and delayed deliveries. 

Solution:  Leverage a delivery management solution with GPS-enabled fleet tracking capabilities equipped with geofencing technology to streamline logistics, distribution, and last-mile delivery operations.

It allows delivery companies to regulate large-scale operations down to every last detail. 

3. Proof of Delivery

Problem: The last year has witnessed an increase in porch pirates. Businesses have received many customer complaints regarding missing packages. And it results in issuing refunds or a replacement. 

Solution: Adopting digital proof of delivery improves order accuracy and increases customer satisfaction. Delivery agents can collect proof of delivery like e-signatures, OTPs, images, or scan barcodes at delivery time.

NetworkON Advantage

NetworkON leverages advanced technology to bring a large-scale difference in the logistics and delivery business. By streamlining your delivery operations during the holiday season, you can increase customer satisfaction levels and retention.

NetworkON offers an all-inclusive delivery and dispatch solution with accurate scheduling, efficient resource utilization, and managing every operation from a single dashboard.

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