Factors to Consider While Choosing White Glove Delivery Software

Factors to Consider While Choosing White Glove Delivery Software For your Business

White Glove Delivery Software

Today, every aspect of business champions customization and enables companies to quickly resolve customers’ concerns or prevent them from occurring in the first place. Technology brings automation to sales, marketing, customer service, and other departments while finding new ways to optimize the processes further. 

So why should you still rely on traditional methods to manage your business’s pickup and delivery? Many companies have already integrated a delivery management system into their technology stack and have mastered its usage to deliver delightful customer experiences regularly. 

While a delivery management system helps a company optimize the delivery arm of their business by implementing dynamic route planning, geofencing, excellent last-mile delivery, automatic order assignment and dispatch, enhanced communications between stakeholders, and robust analytics, they often miss out on a potential revenue stream.

What is it? Delivery of high-value goods with high-quality delivery practices. White-glove delivery services are at the apex of the pickup and delivery business, with only a few key players incorporating them in their delivery business’ portfolio. 

But isn’t white-glove delivery an expensive endeavor to pursue? 

Contrary to this popular misconception, white-glove delivery services are a better way to generate more revenue for your brand. How? It offers a personalized service to the customers by means of handling their high-value orders with care. 

White-glove delivery services are popularly used to deliver luxury handbags, mobile phones, electronic gadgets, appliances, furniture, and even portable housing. It pays close attention to detail and offers high-standard solutions to deliver products to customers’ doorstep. 

Moreover, the analytical aspect of white-glove delivery services allows you to track a customer’s journey with the brand over a length of time. It enables your teams to work on delivering an emotionally fulfilling experience every time they order from your brand. 

However, implementing white-glove delivery into your business is easier said than done. There aren’t many delivery management software that offers this service out-of-the-box, but if you really want a solution with the capability, the answer is right beside you. We will talk about the delivery management software with white-glove delivery capabilities later. But, first, let’s analyze what you need to know before integrating such a solution into your technology stack. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing White Glove Delivery Software Solution for Your Business

Now, if we narrow down the reasons for not having white-glove delivery as a part of your pickup and delivery business, these two elements top the list.

  • First, the misconception that white-glove delivery services are prohibitively expensive to execute
  • Second, it requires establishing more visibility across different departments, which might be difficult if you are working with remote teams.

You can remedy the second concern by investing in a better IT infrastructure and making significant changes to their existing business processes. But since we are moving towards a more customer-centric approach to business, wouldn’t it be better not to isolate departments and unite them towards more holistic business goals.

Investing in white-glove services yields a high return over time, and it brings in more opportunities that allow your business to scale up quickly. Having white-glove services will become inevitable in the next few years; the question is, will you be able to master it before the competition? Because as they say, the early bird gets the worm.

With that in mind, let us take a look at the factors you need to consider before you can integrate a white-glove delivery system into your technology stack. 

1. Will it ensure damage-free deliveries?

White-glove service isn’t all about pickup and delivery, but you will have to take care of packing the goods securely in a suitable material to nullify the chances of damage during transit.

2. Do you have the team to adapt to the new system?

Customer satisfaction is the primary concern during a white-glove delivery. Your delivery might need to make trips to a warehouse to pick up goods, ship them to the destination carefully and liaison to provide installation services if required. 

3. Can you guarantee timely deliveries to customers?

One thing about white-glove delivery is that your customers have peace of mind about their valuable products. Apart from the quality of packing, you must also ensure that your team can deliver the packages at the right time, stay clear of fake delivery attempts and avoid delivery rescheduling by fostering regular communication with the customer through a delivery management system.

4. Which products do you want to deliver under the white-glove delivery umbrella?

Not every product needs a white-glove delivery. Your delivery management system should easily assign the status of different delivery types based on the presets in the system. You should also allow customers to opt for white-glove delivery if they desire, but be ready to match their expectations in case they do. 

5. How much will it cost to implement a white-glove delivery solution?

Your delivery management system should be able to get an idea about the delivery cost by factoring in the distance of the journey, product type, delivery location, packaging costs, ETA, installation, additional pickup, and more. To do it, you will need a robust system in your technology stack, and it comes at a price. 

6. Can you provide reverse logistics at the cost you incur?

Although the rate of returns in white-glove delivery is very low, you need to be prepared for it. For example, will your reverse logistics costs be covered within your white-glove delivery costs? You might want to consider them before fixing the price of white-glove services. 

Next Steps?

Once you have answered the questions above and are prepared to dive into this new territory, find a delivery management software that will offer you white-glove delivery capabilities from the get-go.

NetworkON is an AI-powered delivery management software that offers a wide range of capabilities to optimize and manage the delivery arm of your business. Some of the most notable features of NetworkON include:

  • Dynamic route optimization
  • Geofencing
  • White-glove services
  • Automated order assignment, dispatch, and tracking
  • Real-time fleet management
  • Robust performance analytics
  • Easy integration with third-party applications using NetworkON marketplace

To learn about the comprehensive list of features NetworkON has to offer, click here. For information about getting started with NetworkON, email us at info@networkon.io or visit our website.


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