Benefits of Automating Alerts for Every On-Demand Delivery Business

Benefits of Automating Alerts for Every On-Demand Delivery Business

Automating Alerts

With over 2.14 billion online shoppers across the globe, it is safe to say that eCommerce has no sign of slowing down. The unprecedented growth also means that customers have many options to choose from. As a result, nearly 40% of online shoppers switch to competitors on the back of a single bad experience with a brand. 

Do you know one of the biggest reasons behind these switches? Ineffective communication between the sellers, customers, and delivery partners. But when every customer receives hundreds of promotional messages every day, it isn’t easy to make them read yours in their inbox. 

So, how do you connect the customers with delivery partners? The answer is smart notifications. Automated alerts and notifications are the best solutions to cut through the noise and allow you to interact with your customers without clunky messages. 

Why Does an On-Demand Delivery Business Need Smart Notifications?

Smart notifications are not just for tech-savvy users are like Generation Z and millennials. Push notifications are a great way of getting information for baby boomers who are getting the hang of smart devices.

So, if you have the right platform for smart notifications, you can reach your target customers in a breeze. Your platform should also have analytical capabilities to identify and send relevant notifications based on your customers’ buying behavior.

Ultimately, the purpose of smart notifications is to keep your customers engaged throughout the delivery process and guide them back to your website or app to place more orders in the future.

If your customers have had a positive experience, they will be willing to receive relevant notifications about trending products on your eCommerce site.

According to Mantis Research, 75% of adults will click on notifications that contain relevant information. It means that they are a great way to get more impressions for your brand and cultivate customer loyalty through user experience alone.

Does this excite you? Then it is time to get a sophisticated delivery management system for your brand.

But why a delivery management system? 

Today, customers are not used to waiting for their orders all day long. Instead, they wish to know where their packages are at all times and prefer to know the exact delivery time. Moreover, with an increased focus on same-day and next-day deliveries, sending out real-time delivery notifications is even more important to keep your customers engaged. 

In the end, you want your customers to re-order and even recommend your brand to their friends. However, you cannot encourage them to do that on the back of bad experiences, and a delivery management system offers a comprehensive list of complementary features to optimize the delivery arm of your business.

Before diving into the benefits of automated alerts for on-demand delivery businesses, let us learn more about automatic delivery alerts. 

Delivery Alerts/Notifications

These are messages sent by your company once a customer places an order. They can appear in WhatsApp messages, SMS, email, or even in-app messages and keep the customers up-to-date about the status of their order.

Some of the prominent messages that customers receive include:

  • Your order has been received
  • Your order has been shipped
  • Your order has reached the final delivery station
  • Your order is out for delivery and will reach you by XYZ time

These can also be sent out as push notifications to communicate with a customer in real-time. While it might seem trivial to some, this form of regular communication goes a long way in increasing customer loyalty and helps in generating more revenue in the future. 

Benefits of Automating Alerts for Every On-Demand Delivery Business

As more and more businesses move from selling via physical stores to an eCommerce platform, providing an outstanding delivery experience will be the key to ascending your business to the next level. 

Here are the benefits of using automated alerts for your on-demand delivery business.

1. Better Customer Service

You can tailor smart notifications for customers based on their actual location with a delivery management system. In addition, you can leverage geolocation to send automatic alerts whenever a package goes through a delivery milestone. 

You can also use the data collected from the order and analyze it to understand a customer’s online behavior better. 

This information is handy to identify a user’s personal needs and deliver relevant solutions at the right time. 

For example, suppose your customer usually accepts deliveries during lunchtime and orders personal care products often. In that case, you can use the time slot to send notifications about new developments in your online store. 

This approach allows you to send localized offers to your customers and enable them to make repeat purchases from your brand. 

In addition to that, you reduce the number of calls to the customer support center. It allows them to get involved in online selling activities or helps you reduce operational costs in total.

2. Rate of Return 

One of the biggest concerns for a delivery service is the order return rate. Imagine having to visit the same location twice to deliver a small package. Lack of communication beforehand creates a gap in the delivery process. 

There is a good chance that the customer might not be available to take the delivery without prior intimation. Every delivery re-schedule adds to the fuel cost and reduces the profits made by the delivery companies. 

3. Customer Loyalty

Regular communication is an essential part of delivering a delightful customer experience. A positive experience builds trust and encourages the customers to shop more from your brand. However, a bad experience will have the opposite effect, and you will lose that customer for good. 

Automatic notifications give the customers the information they are looking for and maintain their interest in your brand. While it’s true that not everybody is fond of receiving push notifications about products, but they will always be interested in knowing the whereabouts of their order. 

Therefore, only trigger notifications relevant to a customer and foster their loyalty and interest towards your brand. 

How to Add Automatic Notifications to Your Delivery Process?

Sending out manual notifications can be a tiresome and laborious process. One of the best ways to add automatic notifications into your delivery process is integrating your existing technology platform with a delivery management system like NetworkON.

NetworkON is an AI-powered delivery management system that optimizes the delivery arm of your business. Not only can you send out smart notifications, but you can also leverage a comprehensive list of features that improve the quality of your delivery operations. 

Some of the most notable features of NetworkON include:

  • Automatic notifications to customers about the status of their order and accurate ETA of delivery partners
  • AI-powered route optimization takes complete control of last-mile deliveries and delivers the packages in an organized and cost-effective manner.
  • Advanced geofencing capabilities to avoid confusion in delivery schedules and ensure timely delivery of products on a specified route
  • Robust analytical capabilities to collect and analyze delivery data to predict customer behavior and identify up-selling opportunities for your brand
  • White glove delivery service for pickup and delivery of high-value orders 
  • Real-time tracking of delivery partners and packages was backed up with improved communication between the administrative and delivery partners via messaging
  • Alerts for incoming jobs for delivery partners in a specific geolocation
  • Complete optimization of last-mile deliveries using a combination of features within the delivery management system
  • Easy third-party integrations of your eCommerce platform using NetworkON’s App marketplace

To know more about NetworkON’s features in detail, click here

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