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Case Study

White Glove Delivery Company Increases Fleet Visibility By 100% & Reduces Fuel Costs By 39%

When the client approached us, they were using a delivery management system’s reservation system to manage incoming orders. They were receiving orders via Wufoo forms and independent sheets from their clients.

They followed a manual and complicated process to schedule their deliveries. Since they were updating their sheets after the deliveries were scheduled, they spent more time organizing the schedules rather than having a completely automated system.

Upon thorough inspection, we observed the following challenges they were faced with while using their current solution:

  • It didn’t consider pickup and delivery as a connected task.
  • For every order, they lacked visibility into drivers’ activities who had to complete the pickup without tracking capabilities before initiating the delivery process.
  • The delivery personnel didn’t receive accurate routes for the orders and could not reach their destination on time, which resulted in their operational inefficiencies.
  • They were spending excessive hours completing the operational tasks manually which led to increased carbon emissions.
  • They were incurring increased fuel costs due to improper route optimization.
  • It also led to major customer dissatisfaction and complacency among the delivery drivers as they would mark the tasks as complete without reaching their destination.


Experts at NetworkON analyzed every aspect of their existing delivery management system thoroughly and identified the pain points experienced by the clients. In addition, we suggested that the client integrate some more delivery features (without spending exorbitant money) into their process to make their lives easier.

Here is the solution we implemented:

  • Created a tailor-made white-glove delivery solution that incorporated pickup and delivery into a singular task.
  • After the implementation, customers could call the delivery partner directly if they wanted to reschedule the delivery or request changes in the delivery location.                                                                                    
  • Implemented import feature to manage deliveries from multiple sheets and Wufoo forms.
  • Tracking was incorporated for pickup tasks, and the admins could easily track the progress of their fleet in real-time from a dashboard.
  • Implemented route optimization to plan routes based on various factors like job time, an agent’s schedule, break times, tags, delivery windows, and geolocation.
  • It allowed the client to share accurate ETAs with the customers and enabled seamless communication between the concerned parties in the event of a delay in delivery.


The overall impact on the client’s business was massive, and the following numbers help to showcase the success they achieved after they started using NetworkON for their delivery management needs:
  • 100% Increase in fleet visibility during pickup and delivery tasks
  • 44% Reduction in delivery time with route optimization
  • 39% Reduction on in fuel expenses

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