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Case Study

Shopify Store Increases Order Accuracy By 100% & Improves Agent Productivity By 23%


When the client approached us, they had a Shopify-based website that was driving a significant number of orders. The client was based in Bolivia and primarily wanted to technologize Bolivians. However, they were facing navigation issues with Google Maps which is mostly incompatible with the area. Google Maps hardly work in Bolivia and if they do, they rather give inaccurate information.

Upon looking at the customer’s business ecosystem, we found out that navigation was a major problem that they faced when the orders were out for delivery and drivers got misdirected.

  • Inaccurate Google Maps were least helpful to their drivers, resulting in operational inefficiencies and increased operational costs.
  • Due to a siloed third-party delivery partner platform and Shopify store, the customer could not track delivery agents in real time.
  • Once they received any orders, the lack of clear paths to customers’ delivery addresses led to delayed delivery of ordered items, inefficient resource utilization, and thus, increased fuel costs and carbon footprint.
  • On several occasions, the customer faced the problem of delivery scams due to lack of visibility into delivery agents’ actions who marked the orders complete without delivering them to end customers.
  • The customer faced numerous issues along with customer dissatisfaction for their orders not delivered and yet the payment getting deducted from their saved card.

In a nutshell, there were silos created for the orders received and due to lack of optimized routes, delivery agents were not able to prove their efficiency and number of completed orders.


The real work was to find an alternative mapping solution for the customer that could solve their navigation problems as well as help them cut costs and utilize their resources efficiently. And even before that, we needed to come up with a 360 delivery management solution that could not only help them manage their orders and keep track of them but also optimize routes and guarantee safe delivery at the right place and time.

This is where Growth Natives suggested using NetworkON, our AI-driven last-mile delivery management solution, which could not only improve but completely transform their delivery management operations. The implementation of NetworkON enabled the client to witness:

  • Proper navigation defined for agents
  • Timely and secure delivery of all orders placed on their Shopify website
  • Elimination of any cases of delivery frauds by agents
  • Proof of delivery for every completed order

As a next step, we also enabled route optimization that ensured increased operational efficiency by helping delivery agents learn and adapt to traffic patterns.

We further introduced the feature of OTP (one-time password) verification, so that any time an order was out for delivery, the end customer received an OTP and the delivery agent could not complete the transaction until they entered that OTP in their system.

Thus, the Growth Natives team delivered a 100% secure, energy-saving, effective delivery management solution to the customer, integrating it with an accurate mapping system of Waze and the customer’s website.

In the matter of a few days, we at Growth Natives were able to address all the concerns of the customer while also driving them toward strategic success. As we streamlined the receiving and tracking of orders, and the routes for agents, we could generate some amazing results for the leading ecommerce store owner.
  • 100% Fraud-proof deliveries
  • 23% Improvement in agent productivity
  • 10% Reduction In Operational Costs

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