Case Study

A Not-for-Profit Organization Achieved 50% of Its Annual Target in Six Weeks

A not-for-profit organization whose mission is to connect surplus food suppliers with those who need it, had most delivery tasks scheduled and uploaded in advance, with most of the volunteers completing the deliveries in their free time. However, the customer wanted to provide more flexibility and enable them to pursue tasks as per their availability to encourage more people to join as volunteers and create a positive impact in the world.

Here is how NetworkON impacted their business:
  • 50% of their annual target (delivering 6000 pounds of food) was achieved in a little over six weeks.
  • 75% improvement in the effectiveness of their volunteers’ efforts as they could manage incoming orders seamlessly.
  • 28% decrease in the overall volunteer travel time thanks to the automated job availability feature and flexible delivery scheduling.
  • 51% improvement in volunteer satisfaction as they were able to pursue pickup and delivery tasks as per their availability.

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