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Increase your Fleet Productivity with
Truck Route Planning Software


Route Optimization

Streamline delivery operations with ease and increase your fleet’s operational efficiency with AI-powered route optimization. Plan last-minute changes to routes hassle-free.

Customer App

NetworkON Agent Mobile App

Onboard delivery agents smoothly with the NetworkON Agent Mobile App. Allow drivers to mark their availability, accept or reject delivery jobs, view their earnings, and more.



Optimize your delivery operations with the help of a powerful analytics dashboard. Monitor KPIs such as delivery time, fuel consumption and costs, driver performance and more.

Truck Route Planning And Tracking
Software Features

Centralized Dashboard

Be on top of orders, your fleet and customers on a transparent and centralized truck routing software. Enable your supervisors to manage their teams with custom role access.

Logistics & Truck Route Management Software - Scale your trucking business faster with full-fledged truck scheduling software

Fleet Visibility Management

Create geofences to manage and track your fleet in real-time. Improve your fleet’s productivity and reduce costs using our truck route planning and scheduling software.

Truck Route Planning Software: Leverage the auto-dispatch and auto-scheduling engine of this advanced truck scheduling software to ace task assignment to truck drivers

Real-time Tracking

Increase transparency with real-time updates and notifications of order status. Share tracking links and ETA of orders via messages.

Truck Scheduling Software - Power your workforce with real-time updates about service requests. Track your trucks, loads, and deliveries in real time.

Seamless Communication

Enable your delivery agents and customers to communicate with ease in case of delays. Provide support to your fleet and customers on the go.

Our trucking delivery dispatch software allows you to real-time communication with customers to make delivery operation effectively

Barcode Scanning

Enable delivery agents to self-assign delivery tasks by scanning barcodes on packages.

Our Barcode scanning feature enables truck drivers to make a record of task completion and proof of delivery.

Proof of Delivery

Allow your delivery agents to collect proof of delivery like signatures, notes, and images on completion of jobs.

Accelerate your trucking scheduling operational efficiency with the Proof of Delivery feature.

Payment Integration

Provide your customers a wide-range of secure and flexible payment options like credit/debit cards, cash, wallets, etc.

Truck Scheduling Software - Provide secure and flexible payment options to your customers.

Third-Party Integrations

Seamlessly connect with existing ERP solutions to track and manage your daily delivery operations.

Truck scheduling and management software for the Insurance industry. Allows customers to provide real-time feedback on services.




Increase in productivity of resources and customer engagement

service revenue


Increase in total service revenue

SLA requirements


Increase in compliance with SLA requirements

service costs


Reduction in delivery time and service costs

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