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Field Service Agents

How Automated Scheduling Helps Field Service Agents

Did you know that over 73% of staff members perform over 50 repetitive tasks  weekly? If they didn’t have to spend that much time on mundane tasks, they could be channeling their energy into better core business functions like selling and marketing the products or services you have to offer. While repetitive tasks were a […]

  • Akhil Yadav
  • March 24 , 2022
The Future of Field Service Management - Trends

The Future of Field Service Management – Trends to Follow in 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic was a hard reset for many industries and brought a significant paradigm shift to the way businesses operated. Field service management is no exception and has moved towards contactless service and self-service models in the past two years.  As these trends evolve, we can expect to see a more refined version of […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • March 22 , 2022
Field Force Management

4 KPIs to Improve Your Field Force Management Business

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the field force automation market is set to grow to $ 2.8 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 18.2%. With the increase in at-home services post pandemic, field service companies are now looking for cloud-based, robust solutions to better manage their field forces in real-time. This is due […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • March 15 , 2022
Field Service Management Software

Top 5 Field Service Management Software

Did you know that the global field service management market will likely hit a $5.1 billion mark by 2025? As more at-home service businesses like at-home cleaning and beauty services emerge, the need to manage large remote workforces will increase. Field executives and on-the-go technicians; all of them need regular monitoring and tracking on their […]

  • Rahul Saini
  • February 07 , 2022